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Video from engine dyno: S14 turbo (850 hp/700 ft-lbs)

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  • Video from engine dyno: S14 turbo (850 hp/700 ft-lbs)

    Three different iterations of a build. Check out the headers glow in version 2!

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      That's insane! My motor mount just melted.:jakeroutine:


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        so how soon before your build reaches that phase? - Facebook Fan Page - Twitter


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          that's insane!
          I wonder how long the engine will last at this power output.


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            apparently the good old BMW block is quite a tough cookie.
            they took used blocks to build their F1 engines and squeezed 1400 HP out of a 1.5l in 1983, which then would last exactly ONE qualification lap. However, with "reduced" pressure it had 1000 HP @ 11000 rpm and lasted a full F1 race...


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              80psi boost......

              Goodbye M3, you served me well.


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                Can't wait to see the video when I get home. TR-Spider, cool picture, never seen it before. Insterestingly shows ETC on the compressor inlet.


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                  Actually, the BMW S14 blocks (2.3 and EVO3) have a couple of notable inherent design weaknesses that become exposed with high torque applications. Neither is as robust as for example, a 4G63 block, but they'll apparently hold up reasonably well with proper attention.

                  The F1 engine made impressive power, but its powerband was upward in the rpm range, and therefore its torque figures (in race configuration) weren't extreme. Nevertheless, BMW did take steps to bolster the stability of the M10 block during assembly.

                  With street/strip applications that demand high power levels at moderate rpm such as depicted in the video, that calls for tremendous torque loads to be applied. As for how long the engine lasts when delivering this type of power, that depends. Assuming there is no detonation and the block doesn't split, longevity should be surprisingly decent so long as the oiling system keeps up, and so long as piston speeds are kept within reason (e.g. 25 m/s) during operation.
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                    Wahnsinn !!!


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                      Great and awesome video! Thanks for posting that.

                      Nice shot of Paul Rosche with the S14's great ol' Grandpappy.:winner:
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