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Redline 75W 90 NS in diff

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  • Redline 75W 90 NS in diff

    Hey guys, years ago I put redline 75W 90 NS in my diff because they guy at the part store told me it was the right oil for my diff. I thought it was the wrong stuff when he told me to get the NS, but he swore it was the right oil. I was too young to know any better. I immediately noticed a little grinding at low speed. I kept it in there for a few thousand miles and changed it out.

    I've noticed that my diff now feels open, you guys think the NS stuff killed my diff?

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    Mobil vs500 are 75W-140 and are BMW "factory oil" for LSD diffs
    Castrol SAF-XJ are also 75W-140 and work well also.
    Personally i leave that Redline 75W-90ns oil i the shop.
    Hope you didn't kill you LSD unit..
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      The NS lacks the limited slip additive, but I don't think this will "kill" it, but it does change the locking characteristics somewhat. As a result it will create more noise when you're taking tighter turns so could be less than ideal for the street.


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        I don't know if a couple K miles using NS fluid killed the diff or not unless they included a drift competition or lot's of track miles or snow driving....

        You could replace the clutches (instructions included):



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          This reminds me of the thread about the guy who filled his gas tank with regular.


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            I just re-read your post. How many miles on your diff and does it include track time? Our diffs have clutch packs so they do wear out over time. Mine was starting to act up coming off of corners. I could hear the inside wheel spinning up. Wear will be accelerated with track time and use of an aftermarket rear ASB.




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              I got a new diff a few years ago, supposedly it only had 20,000 miles on it, I doubt it. There's no way this fluid could have killed it this quick after driving just a few thousand miles. I think it's time to do a KAAZ.