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Totalled E30 M3?

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  • Totalled E30 M3?

    By the looks of the pictures, do you think this car is totalled? There is a guy near my place selling it, i just don't know for how much, nor do i have much info on it. It's an 88...

    Pics can be seen at:


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    yup, that's exactly how my old car was hit and the frame was twisted. State farm totalled it out, turned out for the better for me. I got a nicer car out of the deal


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      Hey GS, where is this car located?

      I'd like to get in contact with the guy and see if he'd be willing to part it.


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        Re: Totalled E30 M3?

        Doesnt look THAT bad. We've fixed worse. It looks like a straight hit instead of an offset hit. Much easier to straighten on a frame machine I think.

        If it was an e46 then I would tell you to grip it but not an e30.
        That just goes to show you how intelligent the MaX crew is. :rolleyes:

        Chris L.

        Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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          one guy said he wants $7500 for it! that's way too much

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          they are not idiots.


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            thats 6-9k in damages...
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            "If you had a choice between a million dollars and world peace, what would you get for your E30 M3?" - ItsNotTheNissan


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              that's $7500 CDN and the car is locate in Montreal, Quebec.


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                I would forget buying that thing.
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                  Wrecked m3 in Montreal


                  I am in Calgary and very much would like the contact info of the guy selling the car, I want to put the engine in a 2002 I have. Could you give it to me?



                  [email protected]