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What I learned about M3 suspension today...

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  • What I learned about M3 suspension today...

    so I was swapping 97 M3 front suspension into my 95ti today, and found out that the ti springs were too wide for the 97 M3 struts, but then I dug into the basement parts pile and found that my factory 88 M3 springs fit in perfectly (length and width). also, the swaybar links off my 88 M3 were perfectly compatible with the ti's swaybar and the 97 M3 strut combo; as was the offset factory strut bearing off my 88 M3.

    I guess that all this means that a) i can use my e30 m3 suspension on the front of the ti(i already know that it will fit on the rear) which is good because ti suspension is (for unknown reasons) more expensive than other e36 models and b) that newer e36 suspension will fit into the e30 M3 (after you transfer the steering knuckle, ofcourse), which means that now there is a pleathora of e36 M3 coilover shocks that can be used on the e30 M3 (front at least). also this opens new possibilites of installing big brake kits intended for e36 M3 cars without worrying about brackets and offsetting discs and all that stuff that was discussed several days ago.

    some of you may already know all of this, but it was a nice learning experience for me, and maybe some of you can find this info usefull...


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      Yeah...knew about that....but its good to share with everyone else...

      You can run e36 front suspension....but you need the knuckle as you said and then you can put the brakeson...then youll need e36 offset wheels as well...its a package..but it works well