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How do I become a driver worthy of owning the legendary e30 m3 ?!

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  • How do I become a driver worthy of owning the legendary e30 m3 ?!

    Hello. I've been driving my m3 for awhile now, and really love the car (so much that I think my m3 is risking my relationship w my but I keep thinking that I should know more about the car, the mechanism, and how to take better care of it. As stated in one of my few posts, I had decided that I would attend part time mechanics course at college to learn about mechanics, but I might not be able to take the courses due to financial reasons..So I just wanted to ask you guys how all of you became so knowledgeable with cars..? Like I see many of you who can perform modifications to even complete restoration, and I'm wondering how you gained such experience and knowledge..Surely you weren't born with them....right....?
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    you have to post a pic of your G/F in order for us to decide if it's worth for you to go and learn even more about the car that compromises your relationship



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      My secret girlfriend...

      P.S. Wow sorry i didn't think that the pic would come up so big..How do I resize pictures?lol
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        I'ma let you finish, your girlfriend is good, but the e30 M3 is the best touring car of all time....... OF ALL TIME!!
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          LOL. I was trying to figure out who that was and now I know.


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            Ditch the car.

            Seriously, I learned using 50% DIY writeups, 25% logic (seeing what is necessary to remove a part or get a tool into a space by looking at it), and 25% confidence/determination/motivation.

            I think most people who don't work on cars don't because they think they can't so they don't try. Even installing cams or pulling the head isn't hard if you take it step by step.
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              Imagine that! She is my secret girlfriend too! :gotcha:

              Several things come to mind. Spend hours reading the various E30M3 sites. There is lots of good mechanical education to be had. Read all you can.

              The Koala CD is also your friend, as well as Bentley Manuals. Then you just have to start doing the jobs. I have literally taken my car apart and put it back together using the Koala CD, and by doing extensive searches on this forum, and the E30 SIG archives. Virtually all subjects have been extensively covered multiple times. Its all there!

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                I agree with what's been said about teaching yourself to work on the car... it ain't rocket science and it's part of the joy of owning an E30.

                A word of warning though, if your SO is already jealous of your M3, spending more time wrenching on it could be a quick route to splitsville. Don't ask how I know.


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                  Buy an old 325e junker and completely disassemble it, figure out how every part works....done.


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                    Hey Vlad, my new girlfriend works at Applebees!!


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                      Originally posted by ///M3-4Life View Post

                      I'ma let you finish, your girlfriend is good, but the e30 M3 is the best touring car of all time....... OF ALL TIME!!
                      [peace] priceless!
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                        Kanye FTW! Priceless indeed.

                        I will agree with all that has been said above and add one more item: get involved with your local auto enthusiasts (like BMW CCA, SCCA, NASA, whatever).

                        A number of these people work on their own cars. Doing a brake job on a M3 is the same as doing it on a Neon. You can learn by becoming friends with people, helping them out, them helping you out etc.

                        In DFW, we often got together to work on cars, cook a burger and have a drink. The amount of people willing to step up to the plate and get their hands dirty was usually more than you could fit under the forward opening hood. The local club also organized quarterly Do-It-Yourself events at local auto shops...for free!

                        Either way, learning is not too hard. It wasn't 10years ago I had trouble installing a timing belt over 4 cams in a V6. Now, there isn't a bolt on my car I haven't touched or part that hasn't been upgraded.

                        I do still want/need to learn to weld though....some day

                        Best of luck!



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                          Do you own your own tools?


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                            Start by reading this thread:



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                              Everyone has pretty much been on point with their suggestions. The beauty of
                              these older cars is that you can still work on them. Most of the modern day stuff
                              have become too complicated for your weekend wrencher.

                              There is a wealth of knowledge online, and has proven to be an indispensible
                              tool on working on projects on the E30 M3. I knew nothing about the car when I got
                              it, and it takes time and patient to sift through this site and digest the knowledge.
                              Let the love for the car determine your depth of knowledge you want to acquire.