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Can anyone read Japanese ? + VIN assistance

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  • Can anyone read Japanese ? + VIN assistance

    Hi guys

    Like the title says, can anyone read Japanese ? I live in Sydney, Australia and imported my E30 M3 from Japan. As such, I have a centimeter thick sleeve off invoices in Japanese. Most importantly, I've uploaded the one which I think is the initial purchase agreement. It'd be great if someone could interpret it for me.

    Also, my VIN is WBSAK050X01891912

    I've worked out that it was a Euro-spec car with catalyst (195HP) and built in Jan 1987. I see other people finding out more info about how the car came from the manufacturer. How are people doing this ??

    Also, what does the X mean in the VIN ?

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    It's kinda hard to read - but I don't think it's the original purchase agreement. the dollar amout is too low($270). It's more than likely an inspection bill from some work that was done on the car. Need to really check the date in upper right hand corner, it's in Japanese imperial year but it says the car came in on 11/3 and out on 11/7 so it's just a bill from some auto work.

    People are getting the complete history from their cars here -

    It's a little expensive - but ... well everything on these cars is


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      I'm not horribly great at reading Japanese (or speaking it for that matter) but I can pick out a few things.

      It is kind of hard to read most of what is listed in the invoice but I can tell you that the invoice was on 平成11年 which means the 11th year of the Heisei era, which is 1999. The actual date is November 7th in case you didn't catch that.

      the company is Resko Motorsports (from the bottom left)

      The total is for 257000 yen which is roughly $2700US or 2900 aud so yeah it probably isn't the actual invoice for the car purchase. Most likely a service record.
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        Here's your spec list based on the win you provided, hope this helps...


        '87 E30 M3 (Henna Restoration)
        '00 E36/8 Z3 M Coupé Turbo
        '11 E90 320d M Sport


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          It's a service record.
          Left column is for labour, and the right column lists the parts.


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            ah sorry guys, my mistake, obviously not the purchase agreement.

            Thank you very much clubber for that information - very much appreciated !!!!



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              Wow - a lot of guys here can read Japanese!


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      's actually a receipt for a 2.5 rebuild complete with 48 ITB's and Motorsport head work and valve train, it's not $2700, it's $27,000 you lucky

                You wish :gotcha:


                PS..Our cars must have been within a few metres of each other in Jan '87, only 7 off my VIN.
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                  It`s just a simple service record. the total amount was $2,700 or so.


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                    Originally posted by Az in Oz View Post
          's actually a receipt for a 2.5 rebuild complete with 48 ITB's and Motorsport head work and valve train, it's not $2700, it's $27,000 you lucky
                    haha I wish... !!