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subframe reinforcement kits necessary or overkill?

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    Originally posted by infanterene View Post
    Sorry to revive a 2 yr old thread but I am having the same issue. Can the Turner subframe reinforcement kit be installed without removing the motor?
    An engine support brace makes it easy to pull the entire subframe while leaving the motor in the car. It rests in the hood rain channels and hooks onto the front lift point.
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      I used one of these when installing motor mounts:

      Supplied chains are too big to fit through the loop at the front of the engine. Had to use some load rated webbing I had laying around.

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        Yes, you do have to remove the subframe though. It can be done with the car on jack stands and a jack supporting the motor. If jacking up the motor you have to be careful not to crack the oil pan. When I did mine I used a section of 2x6 that spanned the width of the pan. Another way to support the motor is to use an engine support from above as these guys posted..
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          FWIW, I've owned 3 non-tracked E30/S14 cars and all three had cracked front subframe motor mount pads. Stock suspension. IMO, they all need to be reinforced when the opportunity comes up. And it doesn't matter if it's the later reinforced version or not. The factory reinforcements do not address the problem area around the motor mount stud hole.

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            Thanks for the suggestions.

            I am thinking about finding another subframe, adding the reinforcements, powder coating it and then swapping it for mine. Can I use any e30 subframe?


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              Originally posted by infanterene View Post
              Can I use any e30 subframe?

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                i have had three M3s and drove them alll with vigor but never raced and all had subframe cracks or busted bolts in every aspect of thier lives re-inforce everything you can


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                  Originally posted by infanterene View Post
                  Thanks for the suggestions.

                  I am thinking about finding another subframe, adding the reinforcements, powder coating it and then swapping it for mine. Can I use any e30 subframe?
                  Thats what I did. Standard E30 subframes are el-cheapo at the wrecking yards. Main reason...grinding / cutting out the original reinforcement on the M3 subframe to weld in the new reinforcement is pretty time consuming.

                  Some pics if it helps...

                  A standard E30 subframe with the reinforcement laying on the inside before being welded.

                  w/ the inside and outside welded up.

                  Before you have it powder coated, be sure to pop a mount or bolt through the hole and make sure you can easily get a socket on the nut. You may have to enlarge the hole a little to make it easier to get a socket in there. Sucks if you have to grind away a freshly powdercoated finish.
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                    Early E30 M3s had a reinforced front subframe from the factory, which was not the same as the standard E30 subframe.
                    My M3 (12/87 build date, 184K) had the factory-reinforced front subframe. It was damaged a couple of years ago when I straddled something I shouldn't have. Fortunately, the oil pan was untouched, and I was able to drive the car home, though the bent subframe altered the toe-in. I bought a standard E30 subframe from a junkyard and had the Turner reinforcements welded in. I then cleaned it and repainted with hi-temp black paint.
                    I used a scissor type transmission jack to support the engine while swapping the subframes. I also took the opportunity to replace the engine mounts. I have tracked my car on a few occasions, but there were no cracks at the motor mount tabs.
                    Several years ago, I did the sway bar tab reinforcements on the front strut housings when I installed the Bilstein Sports. I am still running stock sway bars.
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