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    The issue of legality is kind of secondary to whether it is actually enforced. Most laws are idiotic, concocted and written by idiots, and because cops know this they are never enforced unless the cop has a real hard-on for you.

    If you get pulled over and ask the cop "don't you have anything better to do?...the donut shop is down the street...."....well then you might get a ticket for illegal seatbelts or god knows what else. A knowledgeable traffic cop can find at least 5-6 violations for pretty much any car rolling on the road, if he is so inclined.


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      Originally posted by Korsis View Post
      Anybody had a problem with getting pulled over because of having race seats an a roll bar.Would love to have that in my car but scares me !car looks like a race car .Is it allowed to have race seats and a roll bar?
      The problem with a roll bar on the street is that one typically doesn't wear a helmet. In an accident I can see how one could suffer really bad head injuries.
      There'll be Spandex jackets one for everyone ...