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car wont start when hot!

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    I had the same problem endedup being the ignition wire from the cap to the coil, very add and it was hard to troubleshoot, if you have Bremi ignition wire take a look.


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      I changed out the starter today with positive results. So far
      i will update after a week or so with a more definitive conclusion.

      Ok so summery and observations.

      The swap was quite simple
      remove the airbox and afm together
      remove the phlenum from above the tbs.
      Elbow hose and under plenum hose coupled off
      a couple more bits a nd bobs and i was on the starter.

      The starter was held on by one bolt, and a bracket on the rear.

      Looking at rge old starter it was clear something was not right
      the brass bush at the tip of the pinon gear, used to center in the cast housing was gone.. So basically the pinion was rattling around in the housing
      not happy that its fallen most likely into the bell housing but i cant do much about that.

      Regarding the fitment of the new starter
      1st issue was the new starter was longer and wider than the old, so the holder bracket could no longer be used.
      No problem, as i had bought 2 new bolts and nuts just in case, and was able to fix the starter perfectly fine in position with only these.

      2nd issue was the starter, although the correct part number had 4 terminals.
      My original was only 3
      but the terminal 30 and 50 marks were in the same place so i took a chance.
      Not a problem at all, trial start with only the starter attached was succesfull.

      The swap took about 2.5 hours in and out.
      the new starter marked as a 1.4kw is soo much faster then the old, and quieter so it was long overdue for a change. I think it may have been the original unit from production!

      My issue was mainly after a drive of over 30 mins, the starter would seize, and no activity at all from the starter.
      After the swap, and a drive of approx 1 hour i was able to succesfully start /turnover 5 times after an initial rest of 10 minutes.

      So i think we got it

      i will update as said, in a week just to confirm all is well ( i hope)

      I thank god for every day i'm on this earth,
      with an E30M3


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        Good job. Did you take any pics of the install or of the new/old starters?
        Alles Beste!

        B. Wheaton
        1989 E30 M3, Owner since June 2000
        2008 E61 535xiT - The DD and work horse

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          You know I was going to chime in a say it could be the coolant temp switch, which I read have similar issues with start up, but since you found the issue, that point is mute. Curious to hear from the other members who had a similar issue to yours, if theirs weren't starter installation related.


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            Funny you mention the cts, as i had this issue about half a year ago also overfueling and erratic idle, then flooding and not possible to start. It would still crank though, just couldn't get spark due to all the fuel.
            But now i have had the starter a week, and no issue. Today i had a quick run , and stopped in at a petrol station, then went back after i left again to check the tire pressures, and then took out for an hour. 3 starts during 15 minutes intervals of driving, then a 20 minute pause after an hours drive. Started like a champ every time. The fear of her not starting is gone .
            I thank god for every day i'm on this earth,
            with an E30M3