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    im having my 6 point saftey decives cage put in at stable energies in a couple of weeks, he has to finish a couple of p cars 1st. saftey devices are awsome cages, the rear hoop welds in to the sill as do the front legs with the cage bolting into the boxes that are welded. best bolt in there is imo

    Shes sold now :(


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      Originally posted by ADA///M
      ERIC....I dont really see the purpose fo the diagonal bar in that one....i mean i understand the purpose...but its in the middle of the top hoop....its not triangulated at all....just a waste IMHO...

      other than to hold the headrest restraint in(or whatever that thing is), it must not, but when you score a good deal on it who really cares?

      It is a PITA to try and climb around back there. I wish it was removable.

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