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2.3 Assembly Tips/Pitfalls?

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  • 2.3 Assembly Tips/Pitfalls?

    Hello all,

    Getting back on a S14 2.3 2002 project and have to get this engine assembled and ready for delivery by June 19th.

    I have the short block and oil pump assembly all buttoned up and ready to go.

    The next step is the cylinder head and timing assembly. Too be honest, this is my first S14 build and I would be lying if I said I wasn't intimidated by this task.

    Experience wise I have built a couple of M42's, a few M20's, M30 and a M10 so I am familiar with screwing these things together. But the S14 cylinder head/camshafts/cam carrier/timing chain setup is pretty damn complex compared to any of the engines I have built in the past.

    I have done a few searches today and found some interesting topics, such as clearancing the cam trays with the larger Shrick cams. Good thing, while the 284 doesn't actually contact, it is a little too close for comfort and the exhaust side could use a little massage. So that was a good post to find.

    Next was someone mentioned having issues with aftermarket springs and retainers not allowing the cam tray to install correctly. I checked that and luckily no issues there.

    What I am not finding is specific assembly walk through articles. I have the Koala CD and it is quite helpful, but yet at the same time leaves alot of vagueness about it. All of the procedures are performed on a engine in the car and with only partial dis-assembly of the specific component(s).

    There are so many little intricate components that have to all come together at the same time and everything has to be perfect, its daunting to say the least. There is alot of money and reputation riding on this project, so I am asking for help.

    I also just noted that the Shrick cams do not have any timing marks on them so I have to compare them to the stock ones and make my own timing marks. Not sure I would expect that for the money paid for the cam set.

    So I was hoping a few of you more experienced folks could give me a guiding hand on possible pictures or threads, links to further research.

    I assume the procedure is as follows with the engine on the stand.

    Cylinder head install
    Cam tray and camshaft install
    timing chain components
    front cover

    I have tdc'd the #1 piston and marked the gear and block. My plan was to back the crank off about 20*, then install the head, cam tray, cams, then when the cams are verified to be TDC, then carefully bring the crank back to tdc and install the chain and tensioner.

    I do kindly thank you for your help and expertise so I can complete this engine and make sure it comes out super tip top.


    'Is there any o-ring or assembly procedure for the following oil restrictor hole in the block to head surface?'

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    I'll start with the following question:

    Are you installing Schrick cams and if so, which ones? It sounds like it, but before we go down that path....



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      You will need to fit an O ring in the recess for the oil valve.



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        Originally posted by RobertC View Post
        Hello all,

        'Is there any o-ring or assembly procedure for the following oil restrictor hole in the block to head surface?'

        To revive an old thread...I'm at this point. Once I pull the old restrictor from the block, does the new one need any o-ring on top prior to HG/Head installation? I'm guessing no but wanted confirmation. TIA.
        Justin T.