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A/C Not Working....

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  • kiko
    1. The compressor won't engage if there isn't enough pressure diferential in the system.

    2. The R134a BMW conversion kit works as good as the R12

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  • 02fanatic
    started a topic A/C Not Working....

    A/C Not Working....

    I know this must have been discussed, but my search efforts really didn't come up with anything acceptable. My A/C is not working....only today did I try it after over 1.5 years of ownership. I really didn't care much about it when I found the car, as everything else was so good, I thought if it needs work I'll take care of it later.

    Well, now is "later". As long as the added weight of the A/C system is on the car I want it to work! Has anyone put together a comprehensive technical troubleshooting article on stock E30 M3 A/C systems? If so, someone please provide a link if you have it.

    The car has a new receiver Drier and everything appears to be, maybe there's a cut wire or it needs charging....I don't know yet. The Compressor doesn't turn on, but the blower works as does the switch and all dash controls....just no compressor (clutch doesn't engage). The pulley and belt function fine.

    I have some experience with these systems form other cars, so I know the basics. Has anyone used that replacement Freon Refrigerant Stuff (Freeze 12, or other?) I may try that stuff once I get into it. I'd prefer to not do a swap to R134, except as a last resort.

    Any help or advice from those of you who have been through this is appreciated!