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* Electrical problems *

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  • * Electrical problems *

    Hi' Friends

    I just replaced the heater core in my M3. And had to remove the instrument trim. Now after i put everything togheter again. I have a problem...

    When i start the engine the lights:
    * Battery
    * ABS
    * Brake -> (O)

    Stays on. But when i drive the car they go out.... I think this is wrong. They should go out as soon as the engine has started running.

    A couple of hours ago i had to put it in the garage for the night. And the engine ran very poorly. Like it didn't run on all cylinders. And it shut down.. Now i can't start it up at all..... Anyone got any idea what's gone wrong. It might sound familiar to some of you....

    Okay hope to get some feedback....

    Steffen Otto Jensen
    1989 318is
    1989 M3 Cecotto (196/505)

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    The dash board lights stay lit until you rev the engine to generate more power from the alternator. That is normal.

    Did you run,idle the car for a few very short periods before parking it? (Less than 2 minutes at a time) It is very possible you fouled your plugs due to the initial run-rich setup on the M3's.

    Pull your plugs and check them.

    Hope that helps,
    Chris L.

    Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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      Thanks a lot

      I'll be sure to check that out on monday.

      Hope thats it.

      Any other suggestions is much appreciated. I want to make a checklist... and to get it running monday.... I can't relax with the car in this condition..

      Steffen Otto Jensen
      1989 318is
      1989 M3 Cecotto (196/505)


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        I went to my work place which is where my car is parked.

        Checked the plugs, and they looked allright, put them back
        in and tryed starting the car. It ran real bad, but after approx
        10 seconds, of gently reving the engine it sounded allright, but
        there was a very distinct smell of unburnt gasoline.

        Haven't got plates on it yet, but i just had to take it for a short spin
        drove about 5km in it and it seamed allright. it's a good thing i didn't
        meet any cops!! Can't wait til easter then i'll rent some plates for it,
        and drive it the 250km to my mom's place.

        Also i notished that the instrument lights went out as a result of reving
        and not the driving. As UNCHLL pointed out. In my 318is the go out as
        soon as the engine starts running.... 8-|

        Steffen Otto Jensen
        1989 318is
        1989 M3 Cecotto (196/505)