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///M goodies

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  • ///M goodies

    Hey guys check out my new goodies. The owner of eautomobilia knows that I must have any and all BMW stuff he gets in. So I get a phone call this morning from Ted telling he's received some BMW press kits from the 80's.

    The 3 folders at the top contain press releases, specs and photographs for the entire M line from 1988. I picked up a few 3-series brochures and 1 M5 brochure. These would have been given out to customers at the dealership. The one I am most excited about it the Driving Force brochure. It is filled with professional shots of various BMW's going all the way back to the 40's! I'll scan all this and put it on my site soon.

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    Good stuff, can't wait to see it on your site.


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      nice shit man!

      looks better than it runs :/