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300 mm rear disk

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  • 300 mm rear disk

    I found a 300mm cooled rear disk out of a BMW 120d, which would be a nice match for the M3.
    It fits with equal dimension in depth 66mm (needs little work to remove / bend the brow on the rear shield) and hand brake fits.

    What I am looking for is an BMW caliper or caliper carrier.
    I have a nice set of E36M3 calipers which would fit good, but as you can see on the pictures, there's just not enough meat in the carrier to put the threads in.
    I know I could do an adapter, but I want to have a stock look.

    Anyone knowing a carrier / caliper with more meat in that area?
    I saw pictures of an E39M5 carrier, which looked quite promising...however dont have a chance to measure one right now.


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    Look up the rear brakes of an E34 540...



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      Hi Luis

      I think the E34 540 brake will not work, because it looks pretty much as the E36M3 one.
      As you can see here:
      They use the E34 540i brake with an adapter for the E30 and the spacing of the holes is too wide.
      You can see that on this picture borrowed from, showing a 294mm disk with E34 540i caliper:

      even the cast-in number "172" appears to be the same on both carriers.

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        E32 735i... ????? maybe


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          Nice find Thomas. I need to work on the rears for my car, it just hasn't reached the top of my project list. I'm not as concerned about stock "look" so brackets will be an easy out for me.

          Best of luck, Morris


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            Found 1 possible solution.

            The carrier of the E46 M3 (= E39 M5) has enough meat for the holes.
            As the caliper of the E46 M3 is 42mm, I will mount the E36 M3 caliper (40 mm) onto the E46 M3 carrier (it fits).
            Also the brakepad from the E36 M3(= E30 M3) fit, which is important, as the selection of pads is very good.

            Carrieres checked but not suitable were E39 535, E46 328, E34 540 (= E32 740).
            The only carrier still missing is a E46 330, has anyone got a picture?