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    Originally posted by ///Mous3

    1 - LENZ COLOR=blue]Good choice[/COLOR]
    2 - 48mm TBs I think its not necessary, the 46 can breathe a lot of HP
    3 - CF Intake plenum Yes, absolutly
    4 - EVOIII Injectors A must with bigger cams + lenz
    5 – 284/276 (yet to be finalized) Good choice, but not with stock compression ratio, you need at least 11.25 to 1 to get the most of these cams
    6 – Adjustable Cam Gears (?) If you stick with the stock pistons, dont bother

    Now, I am wondering how much I would gain by porting the cylinder head to properly match the 48mm TBs. The guys a M Technik did a damn good job with the head, I would keep it stock

    I've read that Barry is running genuine 48mm TBs *without* any form of porting to the cylinder head. I can’t wait to know more about his car!

    Please give advice… TIA

    2nd Edit: I haven't install any of the above parts yet!


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      Those injectors don't work with LENZ. LENZ injector divers only work with high imp injectors.



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        Originally posted by jht3
        people giving real answers to questions? what a concept! :idea:

        people repeating and arguing about the same things that have been discussed 47 times in the past month....great concept :evil:


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          Originally posted by Sean
          Jimmy, what brand of pistons are you using and why did you pick that brand? Are you doing 290 cams on both sides? Any thoughts on the 292 / 284 combo? Why didn't you go with larger intake valves? Thanks.
          Don is a big fan of Ross pistons so I am guessing thats what we will use.
          Don's built way more of these things than I have, so I am following his reccomendation on those.
          I want to use pistons he is comfortable with. He uses Ross for most of his custom jobs.

          Cams,,, I have not come to a firm conclusion on cams yet. I may try and get some smaller 290-ish Rally grind motorsport cams.
          I really need to delve further into all the possible cam profiles & specs before I make my final choice.
          I have symmetrical cams in my current engine and it works very well, it so I will likely follow same on the next ones.

          Larger intake valves,,, well,,, I am concerned about flow velocity, and RPM band. I want to avoid anything that is going to push the power band up and or possibly make it narrower, so I think stock valve sizes will probably be adequate for what my desired end result is. A motor with as wide a power band as possible (area under the peak), that the whole package is in by 7500 - 7600 RPM.
          The big number at the end is not so important to me as the flattest curve I can achieve.

          Again,,, I have not totally discussed this through to conclusion with Don, but thats where our initial conversation ended up.

          I know its not alot of concrete answers, but those are loose edges I still need to figure out.
          I am going to consult with Don, and also hopefully John J for some final advice.
          jimmy p.
          87 E30 M3 Prodrive British Touring Car
          88 E30 M3 Zinnoberot - Street
          88 E30 M3 Lachsilber - Race (#98 SCCA SPU)
          92 E30 M Technic Cabrio - S14 POWERED!
          98 318Ti M44, Base - Morea Green
          04 Ford F350 - V10


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            Searched it but...

            Regarding the Adjustable Cam Gears;
            Originally posted by Drevaen
            If you stick with the stock pistons, dont bother
            Drevane, here is what Jefrem wrote regarding the adjustable cam gears for Schricks cam and stock bottom end;

            Originally posted by jefrem
            Note, though, that if you're using stock pistons, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you're going to get the Schricks to spec (or even anywhere near it) with stock gears. Your granularity with stock gears is 20 degrees/tooth (36 teeth, 720 degrees in a 4-cycle). Also, you will not be able to approach the Schrick specs with stock pistons -- how close you can get is based on a large number of variables. You *can* play with exhaust timing to somewhat make up for this, though.....

            And here is the full thread which I posted a question regarding Motorsport Adjustable Cam Gears

            Hey Adam, I did a search and it came out with some more questions.

            Note: I tried to use more general "key words" so that future search will lead me to relevant topics.
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