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What would you do?!

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  • What would you do?!

    Ok so as most of you know that im selling my car , just to let everyone know the only reason im selling it is cuz i have ben driving a E30 M3 from the age of 17 and now im 26. i love the car and i know nothing will ever compair , but i need a change , and second just about every weekend i drive from philadelpha to NYC for the weekend and my M3 is the only car i have so i take that , iv spend so much time on the car and done so much that i cant sit there and wach it go throw the abuse of the comute . i have an offer on the car , not to see but to trade for a 91 i think , M5 .
    the car has a stage 3 Dinan stroker kit , stage 3 Dinan suspention and alot of other things , it looks like in realy nice shape but ill know that when i see it if i do . the guy is thinking of a Even trade ,he knows that his car is worth more but still may be willing to do it , so i ask all of you , WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

    P.S i do plan on geting another one to buld
    it like i laways deamd of having one .

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    Do it. The E34 M5 is sublime.

    You can always buy another M3.


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      I'd do it. only worry is that since it has the picky S14 motor with 2 more holes, there might be some maitnence problems, and that is why he wants to dump it.

      you know the drill, just have it really checked out like you would recomend a E30 M3 buyer.

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        Thanks guys , if he dose want to do it i think i will if its a clean car and runs strong . this way i can drive that car and make a sick E30 M3 later on.


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          I would take the trade. Then again, the E34 M5 has been my dream machine for about three years now! Plus the Dinan gadgets would up the ante quite a bit... :evil:

          Do it...Do it...Do it...And take plenty of photographic evidence.


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            Cars are all about excitement and if you are betting tired of the M3 then go for a change by all means. Plus you will still be in the M-family!! Some things to consider, however, is that you might start to feel bad about using the e34 M5 as a commuter car as it is a rare and special car as well. You also might regret letting such a nice M3 go in the future and might not be able to find another.

            But, overall, I'd say go for it and take many pics of both cars
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              Funny how a LOT of use M3 guys have a E34!

              I almost got a Euro 94 3.8l 340hp M5. But I didn't.

              If you think the M3 is expensive, the M5 is even more so!

              There great cars, especially for long drives. But they are HEAVY< and I mean HEAVY! My 525 handles so much better! It's almost 800lbs lighter.

              Anyway, there great cars, and a lot of fun to drive. You have to be a better driver to drive the M5 threw twisties like the M3.

              Go and drive it around and see what YOU think about it. The good side is more room, less cop appeal.

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              At least it's German


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                Thanks everyone , im going to do it if everything works out , but kinda 0ff topic im waching CCR right now and on the part where there doing the harnes bar for the WRX in the backround i sall a E30 and a E30 M3 , if anyone was waching , were my eyes playing tricks on me or not?


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                  I think the comparison is apples and oranges. The two cars have totally different character and purpose. I have to admit though I am also an M5 fan.

                  The key question might be value if the guy is willing to trade straight across. In equivalent condition, an E34M5 is worth quite a bit more than an E30M3.

                  Having said that, I can pretty much guarantee the M5 won't be as much fun to drive. Too big and heavy.

                  I also think the M5 will be expensive to keep running well. Most of the same quirks as the M3 but with more cylinders and less access.


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                    Are you sure it has a dinan stroker motor?
                    If so, it puts out about 400hp from its 3.9l inline 6
                    this will hang with the e39 m5's.
                    Hard to believe he would do a even trade.


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                      If you crave something different...then you should look into a new Subaru STi or a 94 or 95 Mazda RX-7...2 vey fun cars....if well maintained...
                      Just something to look into...

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                        Iv looked at other cars to and the STI is not for me , i cant do anything other then a RWD car ,the RX7 is nice but i dont feel like redoing the motor every 40k the car i was looking at to get for now was a 92 or so 300XZ twin turbo or a Silvia , maybe even a old mini with a v-tech in it but i cant baleave that the guy is thinking to trading me ither , but if he is then i cant say no , iv done alot of work to my car and did it all myself and keep it like i would if it was my child so i guess i dont know what i will do if it gose , alls i know is that the day my M3 is gone i will regret it and will miss it alot cuz i think that there is no other car that can compair to the E30 M3 in every aspect not just some or most .


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                          Have you looked into any P Cars?

                          I'm sort of looking for a 968 and I've found them to be one of the best cars Porsche ever made.

                          Just an idea.


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                            Yes iv looked into all of them from a 944 turbo , 968 and 928 even a old 930 turbo and the there nice cars , but! if you think the E30 M3 is expensive , then thows cars will drive you bankrupt , iv driven a 944 turbo and a 968 and sall that there nice , but dont have the handleing of the E30 M3 and to get alot of power out of them you have to spend alot . but who knows , of what i see my best bet would be to get a clean plane E30 and just do a S50 swap with a blower , caged and fully done out , cost will be still less then most of the cars that iv ben looking at , with the only thing that i would like to finde a 4 door E30 , to have the ultamite sleeper


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                              Originally posted by Evo2Trela
                              Iv done alot of work to my car and did it all myself and keep it like i would if it was my child so i guess i dont know what i will do if it gose , alls i know is that the day my M3 is gone i will regret it and will miss it alot cuz i think that there is no other car that can compair to the E30 M3 in every aspect not just some or most .
                              Looks like you don`t really want to get rid of it !
                              Why don`t you just store it and save for some other daily driver.
                              If you don`t like it you still got your / / / M
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