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    I was actually, i think still? think about the same thing.My car has been with the family since new from my dad to me.I use it to commute every day with my kids,I hate to see it being abuse so maybe a trade in with some that cares more or will have time to take good care of it would be a good idea,but so hard to let it go and besides my 9 yr old son loves the car and talks about it alot to his friends at school.Anyway, i just wanted to let you that i feel what you mean.Good luck with what ever you decide!hard to let go of something so awesome!!!


    • #17 youve had the same hennarot e30 m3 since you were 17? Thats the same one as in the mischief's? Wow, youve taken care of that car...idont plan of gettin rid of my m any time soon either...what mods do you have?


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        Well its not the same one , its my second one that i got ,but feels like my first one , when i was 16 my father gave me a 84 trans am wich lasted about 2 months , so i got a 89 turbo anaversery GTA cuz my firend that had the E30 M3 would not sell it even thow iv ben beging him since i was 16 , well finaly two weeks befor my 17th birthday he say ok ill sell it to you , the good thing was i had someone buging me to take my GTA, so i sold it and got the M3, i had that car still i was 22 and one day some old lady brodided me , i could not let the car go so i kept the car to fix it , well that dident work out so i got the one i have now and after a year of having the two cars wich most of the things i had done to the first one moved over the the new one i had to get rid of the one cuz of space , so this one feels like my first one , all my memorys from my teens and so on are in a RED E30 M3 and damn are there memorys , i wish i could keep it and just get a beater but i dont have the room going that we have 5 cars in the drive way now as is and only one garage wich my car is in , but i will not let it go to a bad home and i will check up on it from time to time , and maybe some day ill get my real Evo Sport.


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          All the work i have done to the car.

          1991 MFD is 11/91

          OEM Evo Sport brake duct's
          Resprayed about 2 years ago done in 2002 ferrari red ,
          ( was brilliont red ) vary close to the oem color ,not as orange thow.
          Rolled fenders and qworters , done by me and then reanforced with led.
          Evo Sport grills ,
          Euro towhich covers
          88 elipoids headlights
          Clear front signals

          Tan in good shape , not rips tairs and no deep cracks .
          Red 4 point schroth harnessbelts
          Momo Jet blk CF 320mm wheel
          blk momo anotomico shit knob

          Stock and set of ATS type 10's in 17/8's

          H&R race springs
          Bilsein sport shocks
          Motorsport camber corection front strut mounts
          Offset controlarm bushings
          E46 M3 Cabrio rear shock mounts
          Sparco front tower brace ,
          RD sport rear tower brace
          New stock swaybar links
          ( All parts less then 1 year old )

          Jethot suramic coated header
          Supersprint racing conecting pipe
          Borla stainless muffler
          ( Alsow stock converters and muffler )

          635csi trans mounts
          Short shift
          Stock motor mounts
          ( all mounts new and then 4,000 miles on them )

          Splitsecond MAF convertion , laptop managment PSC1 .
          Custom chip
          Evo Sport lower airbox
          K&N drop in filter
          ( Head was redone 4,000 miles ago and has )
          Full reace valve job
          ported exust side
          mach ported intake side
          custom valve gides
          Evo exhaust cam gear
          Debured runners
          ( Alsow done doring that time )
          New timeing chain
          timeing rails and gides
          E36 euro 3.2 timeing chain tentioner
          Front main seal
          intake boots
          Custom header bolts , sleaved head and studs made form headbolts ( unbrakeabe )-
          car will never have prob, with header bolts falling out or braking agen wich is why i did the head in the first place .
          Alternator new and battery new
          all belts
          TPS new
          Front Evo sport rotors new with 4,000 miles on them
          back stock brakes new with 500 miles on them
          Moble 1 synthetic in motor always
          redline in trans and rear
          new cap and rotor + sparkplugs

          Alpine CDA-7864
          Memphis studio components front and back
          Memphis 16-ST2004 amp
          12' Kicker S12d slobaric sub , one only .
          on and Kenwood KAC-6085 amp
          ( alsow have stock radio and speekers )

          P.S , Iv done all the work myself .