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Whats the fastest top speed

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  • Whats the fastest top speed

    What is the fastest top speed for any ones M, or that you have hear of. cause when I would get about 120 my speedo would start to jump around and then go to zero. lose cable I think haven't gotten around to fixing it

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    148 m/h = 237 km/h


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      what about modded M3's have any one seen above 160


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        Well with the stock rear end and gear box no because top speed is redline limited. Now I don't know about cars with the dogleg tranny though and the rear end that goes with that
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          I've a hair of 150 (indicated) in mine with the 3.2 S50, but i was cresting a hill on the highway (at night) so i decided to let off. I think mine's good for 150+ actual, because the indicated speed is almost invariably optimistic. The aero of the E30 M3 is certainly not conducive to real high terminal velocity, but with enough power you can overcome to an extent.

          I'd imagine an E3 splitter/wing adjusted out would knick a good 5mph+ plus off the top end, and at least that for the package i'll be running shortly.

          Buuuut, who cares? Top speed is stupid. Its a worthless number.. if you can go 140 or so then that's all you'll ever need.
          Alex McHenry


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            I dont get it. I buried the needle at 160 more than a few times when I had the M3. I thought that was like a normal possibility with engines that were tinkered the right way. Go figure. Now 100 mph in my Jeep feels fast.

            Mad Mike


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              I know the speedo isnt the most accurate. Its quite a bit off at the top end. The best way would be to have some external source measure it.

              140 is fast enough for me too. Getting there and staying alive is the fun.


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                I know that Espen M3 has done 250km/h (156,25) many times in his STOCK M3
                I have done 150 with mine with just som small mods like exhaust, and the top is ported.

                And I have done 155m.p.h in my M535i, and I just raced my friend M3 with my M535i and won !!!! Both are stock cars.
                X 89` E30 M3 S14B23


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                  156mph at 7,500 rpms with just a chip and a borla.


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                    I think with the dogleg tranny and 3.73 diff, my car can only reach 145mph. :2:
                    '88 m3
                    '88 m3
                    '90 325i w/supercharged S50


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                      I've actually never had my M3 above 130- and even then I bet the speedo was optimistic.

                      But in the E36 coming down Interstate 5 I had it pegged at 135 for nearly an hour. Efficient.


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                        I've hit 220 kph (137mph) once - it had loads to go, I just bottled it as I want to keep my license!

                        (My highly modded Mk1 Golf does 145mph in 4th at the red line! with a calibrated speedo)

                        Scottish Cecotto


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                          YOU MF'ERS ALL NEED TO SLOW THE F DOWN....

                          Shit...ive never been over 120....and that was a rare time at which Mad Mike passed me doing 130

                          150 and such....just not safe IHMO on public roads

                          THATS ALL


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                            126mph, my car is slow (wasn't topped out, but getting there):sosad:

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                            they are not idiots.


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                              One time on a straight empty me and my friend in a E36 M3 were over 160mph for a little while.

                              I've also had it over that at Spokane Raceway, with it's almost 1mi front straight.

                              I'm sure now with my DTM rear flap and extended E3 front, that I'll be hard pressed to much over 150mph.

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