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Brand new AC Schnitzer E30 Mirrors on

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  • Brand new AC Schnitzer E30 Mirrors on

    Only 8 hours left... Has all the parts + mirrors in original boxes :surprised :surprised

    AC Schnitzer E30 M3 Mirrors

    They are brand new...

    I bid up to ~$500 US dollars and gave up... Might be the only one out there....

    Hope someone here can pull it off.

    90 Sterling 2.5L E30///M3 lifer
    97 Porsche Carrera S
    13 Audi S6
    SOLD 03 Audi RS6 daily
    GONE 88 E28///M5 project

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    Why was there such a limited run on these mirrors?

    by the way, that auction is too rich for my blood.