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Parts Question For 91 M3

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  • Parts Question For 91 M3

    Where is a good place to order online new parts?

    How is Pelican Parts & BMA online? Anyone tried Pelicans Superset for $299 that includes ignition wires,plugs,coil,dist cap & rotor.

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    Check the links section.

    I have heard both Pelican and BMA are good sources....


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      I was unimpressed with Pelican Parts when I tried to order a fixed post cap and rotor from them They had it listed, but couldn't get me the right combination and wouldn't listen to me when I was trying to tell them what the problem was. After a few months I was able to return all parts and get a full credit.

      I won't be ordering from them again.


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        I have had excellent experiences with Pelican for Porsche parts. I think their BMW department is comparably new, so they may not have it all together, but they are certainly honest guys.
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