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Anyone have a Euro Car?

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  • Anyone have a Euro Car?

    I may have the opportunity later this week to pick one up, and I was just curious if there are any inherent disadvantages...its not that I have been specifically searching for a euro car, but a friend of a friend happens to be selling his, I feel more comfortable with "social" transactions, rather than complete strangers.

    Anyway, i know that it will have the "dog leg" tranny with a shorter FD, which is fine. I also know it may or may not have cats, which is fine too because now that the car is old enough, i shouldn't have too tough a time inspecting it. Other than this, and the standard e30 m3 items, is there any other downside? Resale???


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    I dont consider there to be any downsides to owning a Euro spec car- I owned one and liked all of the extra stuff it had: headlights w/ city lights,rear head rest back seat, auxillary gas tank in the trunk, dogleg box w/ 3:25. If anytihng I would consider resale to be better than a US spec. because of some of the hard to get items.
    Charley Terhune
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      gas tank in the trunk? i never knew, any pics?

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        I bought a euro with a mid '86 build date that was brought to the US in 5/87 and titled as a '87. If the car does not have a cat and O2 sensor and, it needs to pass emission testing, plan on doing a little bit of work to get it to pass. My car did not have the emissions equipment when I bought it in November of '03. Some have said that a well tuned M3 will pass emissions, but, this has not been the case here in Missouri.

        When the car was imported and federalized the importer installed what is known as a "Johnson Box" to help with the emissions. A simplified explanation of the "Johnson Box" is that it imitates the O2 sensor by using the coolant temperature sensor output. I am still in the process of converting the wiring for the DME to use the O2 sensor input and run in closed loop. Matter of fact, this weekend I was able to re-install the exhaust with the new cat and O2 sensor and do some A/F ratio testing (but, don't have it talking to the DME yet). I found that I am running extremely rich. I have already done a lot of the normal tune-up tasks, but, it is still running rich. The next step is to open the AFM (which appears to have been tampered with already) and change the A/F ratio there.

        The car is more of a toy to me and I knew what I was getting when I bought the car, so I was able to negotiate a good price. But, if you do not like to tinker with it (which I do), it may require more work than you think. I'd have it emissions tested before the purchase, just in case. HTH

        Damon in STL
        Damon in STL
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          A small bonus could be that if it's a late spec Euro car ( post September 1990 ) it will be a 215BHP car rather than the US 195 BHP , which means you have the dog-leg box , 48mm throttle bodies , late spec head and cams and a few other bits.
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