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Official BMW E30 M3 25TH Anniversary

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  • Official BMW E30 M3 25TH Anniversary

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the E30 M3 community, 2011 will be the Official 25th
    Anniversary for our automotive pride and joy. It is amazing to think that our cars have
    finally reached such an extraordinary pinnacle in its lifetime, and we hope to capture
    that special event with a gathering of enthusiasts of the same mind and passion.

    As with all 25th anniversaries, this event will be a special once in a lifetime
    experience. We are celebrating twenty-five years of spectacular engineering and
    motorsport history, which all translates to that indescribable experience we enjoy
    every time we twist that key and watch the revs climb quicker than our adrenaline.

    We are planning a unique two-day event that you will carry fond memories of until the
    next big anniversary. It will further ignite that passion we all have for these truly
    amazing rolling masterpieces. This will be an event you will not want to miss, and that
    is why we are providing plenty of time for people to coordinate and mark their

    Of course, we are still in the early stages of planning for this gathering. Something of
    this magnitude will take a lot of time and coordination to pull off correctly. We are not
    holding back anything and are pulling out all the stops. This is not something that just
    a handful of enthusiast can pull off, so we are open to all suggestions to enhance our
    experiences for that special day.

    The current location that we are in negotiations with is Pocono Raceway, which is
    nestled away in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are choosing this location for its
    spectacular back drop and ambiance of racing pedigree. The tentative date will be in
    the month of June if Pocono Raceway can make the proper accommodations for us.

    On-site we are hoping to negotiate access to the paddock area and the breathtaking
    track itself, with plenty of professional photographers and videographers to capture
    history in the making. We are pulling some of our contacts to get real media coverage
    for the world to see…a passion for others to envy. We will also have everything
    catered with all the right foods fit for such an event. Vendors will be there to show off
    the next shiny new part for your car. Seeing in person before you purchase is always
    a good thing when scrutinizing the next big thing. An area will be set aside for a small
    swap meet because we all know every last E30 M3 owner has parts squirreled away
    that will never be used.

    An unofficial car show will be done as well. This is unofficial due to our belief that no
    group of judging panelists deserves to say whose car is better than the next. This is a
    group event therefore we have multiple categories for all of our attendants to pick
    from. No car will be put into any specific classes in advance, rather, those attending
    will chose which category the car fits into. At the end of it all we will hand out
    trophies to the top nominees of those categories; however, everyone will be given a
    plaque with a picture of their car because we truly believe everyone should walk away
    with something for attending.

    Negotiations will be made with a hotel in the vicinity and group rates will be discussed.
    You are no way locked in with that hotel we chose, but we recommend sleeping under
    the same roof as other E30 M3 fanatics if you ever tire yourself from all the knowledge
    and stories floating around. The chosen hotel will have all the proper accommodations
    for both the guest(s) and our babies. If a conference room is available, a tech session
    and or presentation will be made. We will definitely keep this portion interesting!

    At the end of this experience you will walk away with new friendships, unique
    knowledge and stories to share, and plenty of pictures, video and goodies. This event
    is for the enthusiast, by the enthusiasts.

    So let’s open it up for discussion.
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    This is an event that will likely force me to make a trip across the boarder to meet the North East E30 M3 crew.[peace]


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      110% in on this one!


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        You definitely need to make the trip! This is a perfect venue to meet everyone.

        Just to be clear, this event is not just for the Northeast, but actually for all owners
        globally. Being that the majority of owners are concentrated in the Northeast, we
        chose Pocono Raceway due to it's somewhat central location in that respect. We
        really do hope that all E30 M3 owners will consider the trip for this event.


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          Julian, I know you will be there. Make sure you bring the Philly Cheesesteaks!!!


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            Def looking forward to this. Im up to help as much as i can!



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              Will, you know i am up for giving a helping hand when you guys need :gotcha:

              This is going to be an event not to miss.
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                Mr. Chutrain,

                Count me in and let me know if you need any help with anything.

                Long Live E30 M3!!!


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                  Wil u rock! This is a wonderful idea that most definitely needs to happen. If i can help in anyway please let me know!



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                    Sounds good to me! That will be quite a celebration.

                    And with BMW coming back to DTM in 2012 (and to the US in 2013) I think we need to plan ahead for another gathering at the venue of that DTM race!...would that be cool or what? Or, as part of this 2011 gathering, maybe BMW and Nascar would be interested in helping sponsor this event...never hurts to "think big"! :gotcha:



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                      Need something like this on the Left Coast...but I guess this doesn't help this cause...


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                        Originally posted by igor700 View Post
                        Need something like this on the Left Coast...but I guess this doesn't help this cause...
                        Make the arrangements to come. We're open arms to all E30 M3 owners on our side.


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                          Man, sounds like a blast. If I could go, and I mean IF, I probably wouldn't take the M3. I guess that would kinda defeat the purpose though.


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                            sounds awesome. Hopefully it won't be in the first quarter of the year, otherwise i won't be able to make the trip...
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                              You've got me thinking Will.....:gotcha:


                              "But most of all...
                              ... I like the way you move......"