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She sounds like a Subaru?!?

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    I did a cold run start and test this morning... lets add the throttle body gaskets to the mix. If a spray some good old carb clean on the #1 runner then I can almost stall her. I noticed similar behavior on cylinder #3 and a liitle bit on #4.

    I am making the parts list in case the compression numbers are good.:gotcha:


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      Originally posted by t13vom View Post
      The spark plug wire deal is a valid point too. With my plug bracket unbolted, changing plugs in and out, I noticed a ever so slight arc from time to time from the bracket to the stud on the valve cover.
      Your answer is right here. You have a bad spark plug wire (at least). Properly insulated wires should not arc. This is a long-acknowledged problem with the S14 wire harness: it makes things look tidy but it will eventually result in wires rubbing through their insulation because the engine is so buzzy.

      I'd suggest replacing the expensive wires and using a routing/mounting solution like those that are sold in the FS section. I cannot remember who is selling them now, but maybe it was RWarren? I think Gustave Stroes pioneered them.

      I'm using a set myself, just because this is a pretty common problem with our cars.
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        For the sake of posterity.... and the search function....

        Have you figured out what it was/solution yet?

        aside: would love to see the face of a Subie owner when this thread shows up in a Google search



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          No real update folks... Plug wires are not the problem. I had an extra set to swap in. I pulled the injectors, have my Turner Throttle Body gasket repair kit in the mail and still need to run the old compression test. I have to pick up a new compression guage. Mine no longer functional. Will post up as I trouble shoot her.


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            Good luck. I think I may actually have 2 compression gauges around here somewhere if you like.. I can also bring the WRX to test your theory


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              LOL!!! Thanks! They are cheap I need a new one anyway!!!


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                The Verdict

                Well folks #4 cylinder is spent. I finally did the "truth serum"...

                Cylinder #1 - 185 PSI
                Cylinder #2 - 200 PSI
                Cylinder #3 - 150 PSI (uhh ohhh...)
                Cylinder #4 - ... fluttered the gauge at a whopping 0 PSI

                My guess-estimation at this point is one crispy valve at least. I was wrong earlier she has 257K on the clock... She did well... Now I have to decide which direction I will be going with her.

                If I go full resto i will not add up my receipts and I will be settling in for a probable mutli year build.

                Not sure if she will make the 25th year celebration... But I will. Thanks for all of the input.



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                  Thanks for keeping us informed

                  Sorry to hear that the outcome sucks.

                  At least when you get done, you will have another 200k odd miles at your disposal>



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                    Aw man... :cry:

                    Really sorry to hear that.. but 257k is a good life. Wherever you go from here, Im sure she's in good hands.
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