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16" BBS...Which Tyres?

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  • 16" BBS...Which Tyres?

    I have finally found some 16" BBS for my M3, Yey!

    It has probably been asked before (many times) however......What tyre size would you say would be optimum for those wheels for road use. Moreover, are there any other sizes that you guys have tried that either look great or increase grip etc.

    Thanks in advance.


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    You should post this in the wheels & tires section....there you will also find similar questions and responses.

    But, I'll say this...the selection of 16" tires sucks! reason I opted to not buy 16" E28 M5 wheels or original EVO wheels, going instead with stock 15"'s and 17"s (E39 Style 5's). Good luck though, as there are some options out there for you to consider, the pickin's just "slim"! :gotcha:



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      I'm currently running 225/45/16
      Originally I was going for 215 but tire selection is minimal like 02fanatic said.


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        tyre selection in UK is much better than US.

        Falken FK452
        Toyo Proxes T1-R
        Conti sport Contact 2
        Yokohama AD08 Advan Neova
        Kumho KU31

        Goodbye M3, you served me well.


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          Thanks Guys,

          Sorry, I should have checked the 'wheels & tyres' section first as you advised. Thanks, UweM3, I currently run Kumho on my 15" and I am very pleased with them as an all-rounder. So maybe I should stick with them?


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            KU31s are extraordinarily inexpensive, even considering their pretty fast wear rate. They have caused two cars I know of to pull wildly to one side, but this characteristic seems to be batch/size dependent and I've not heard of the 225/45R16 size having this problem. That said, I'd still go for the Falken 452 over them just in case (it drove me insane on my DD).

            Hankook RS2s are available in this size if you want something stickier. Only heard OK/Good things about them, I'm sure there are some on here with experience:



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              RS-2 are out of production and getting old, RS-3 are not being produced in this size either. Toyo has some remaining. Seems even the 17" size selection is starting to wan maybe we could start a letter write in to some manufacturers to get them to stop forget about us Enthusiast's as the rest of the E30 guys as well are having this issue with proper OD for speedo's.

              Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.