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Fix up m3 or Buy motorcycle

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  • Fix up m3 or Buy motorcycle

    Well the wife came to me and said "you need to get out and buy a motorcycle or fix-up the m3 so you can do track days and autoX"

    So I have about $5500 burning a hole in my pocket.

    I found a TL1000s yesterday that I can get for about $5k

    On the car I need to get the suspension redone about: $1500
    and the front and rear airdam/spoiler repainted/repaired: $1000
    That leaves me with 3000 to allocate to other things.

    I already have a set of cams on the way so what should/Could I do w/ the other $3000??

    Thanks of all the input in advance.

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    Buy your wife something for being so damn cool. OR, how about a better suspension and buy her $1,000 worth of love. Do you have GC?

    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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      no I was thinking of going w/ basics like H&R and bilstiens.

      Yes my wife is beyond super cool.

      but I have to do one or the other not both (at least not immediately eventuially I'll have both taken care of.)
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        Well all I can say is fix the Bimmer
        Someday when im rich Ill import my very own E30 M3 to South Africa (never came to our country)


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          I would suggest the following list...
          [list=1][*]GC coilovers, with properly valved shocks and camber/caster plates[*]Maxx (or other) Alpha-N setup[*]Something nice for your wife [/list=1]

          /// M3NTAL Kev


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            Forget the TL1000s.


            • #7
              so your saying stick the $5k into the car?


              • #8
                I wish I had $5k to spend on my car right now !


                • #9
                  TL's are beasts, but something V-twin sportbike that hugs the track tighter than grandma on Thanksgiving would be a 99 or so Ducati 748, but I'm a fan of Ducs, so take it with a grain of salt. Not to mention a nice used 748 would be a bit more expensive than 5k, unless you buy a monster.

                  5000 sounds like alot for the M, but it's not. I say it ultimatly comes down to which you would ride/drive more, beating up the M at the track all the time will be more expensive down the road, but a used bike to thrash would be sweet.

                  The Chuck giveth, and the Chuck taketh away


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                    Id get the bike , , why you ask ? for the reason that you will have a bike wich is just as cool as the E30 M3 and second you can sneek and fix up the M3 over some time and at the end have bouth , what can be better then that .


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                      I actually roadrace,i have a 2000 yzf r6 wsmc ssport for a few yrs now,and an owner of an e30 m3 for about approx 9 yrs.My advice is that the M3 is more of a long term project and not need to be rush.As far as getting into bikes, well that too is very addicting.If your itching to take some track days with a bike i suggest for you to go to a track school where they provide everything and teach you far more than what street riding will ever!.I can honestly say that my interest of racing my m3 at the track has greatly decrease and will only do on special occastions like when i get new thing for it.The're both fun sport but racing bikes are more physically involve.So to answer your question, i wouldn't recommend you spending 5k on a bike that most likely be needing some work specially when used at the track.I would probably concentrate more on the M3 and get everthing sorted out and definetly try to enroll in a track school for you to feel whats it like to ride a bike at the track.If you need more info on this i'll gladly answer more ??
                      send me a PM cuz this could be a long dicussion . Good luck!!!


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                        I was out dropping the hammer today on my VTR, big twins are GOD. I'd go for a Tiller over the S though.


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                          save it for your childrens education or something else responsible, nope, spending it would be more fun .

                          i would see if i could find a used SV650 for around that amount. have a hell of a lot of fun on that while people luagh at how fruity i look, and then get a shiny new RC-51 a little down the road.


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                            One look at my collection and I bet you'll guess my answer. Still looking to add a Boxster S someday.
                            2000 Porsche Boxster S - Daily Driver
                            1995 Porsche 993
                            2001 BMW 530iA Sport (hers)
                            2004 Ford F-150 FX4
                            2005 KTM 450EXC (More fun than all of the above)


                            1988 BMW M3 2.5 EVOIII Replica
                            1985 BMW M635CSI
                            2001 BMW M3
                            1988 BMW 325is (E30 M3 springs, steering, Konis, etc) - my favorite BMW - missed.


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                              Gee, sounds like me. I was going to buy a race bike that was a great deal, but I'd have to buy new leathers and such too, so it would end up being more in the end.

                              I didn't want to go too thin so I'm only investing in my business, and hopefully by the time summer comes, I can get busy with the M3.