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  • Looking at M3 - Need Advice

    Saw this on I live in Atlanta so it might be perfect since it's local. The car's pretty inexpensive for an E30 M3, but with the problems he's describing, you think I could get it for less? What would any of you pay for a car like this?

    Btw, any idea what's up with the "oil rod" he's talking about?

    Randall Prince's Used Cars
    1991 BMW 318is (slowly tearing apart to become a SpecE30 car)
    1995 BMW M3 (Cone eater. Probably going the way of an LS1 swapped XP car)

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    That car was just on E-bay.
    Asking to much $$ imho.

    Bumper: ~$350
    Interior: Sparcos/momo fixed ~ $1200 Stock m3 ~$800
    Instrument cluster ~$150
    unkown mileage, history, etc....

    Thats the link to the auction, but it has been removed.

    Chris L.

    Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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      The car sounds very sketchy. Accident, salvage title, mileage discrepancy, sold at auction, in and out of storage, parts stolen from it, radio not working, lowered with unspecified suspension, rear bumper cover busted... who knows what he's not disclosing.
      It's worth a look but I don't think I'd pay over $4k for it. You can find a much cleaner car for $7k. That's what I paid for mine. It had 144k miles and only minor repairable issues when I got it.

      Sounds like the oil leak is around the oil cooler due to the accident.


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        I don't mind getting a car that needs work. There's so much I'd do with an M that I'd rather pay less b/c I don't to pay for stuff I'm not going to use anyways. Sometime next week I'm going to meet up with the guy and check it out. Then it's just a matter of a few more pay checks and I'll be able to actually afford it :-)

        Looks like Ramen for the rest of the month...

        Randall Prince's Used Cars
        1991 BMW 318is (slowly tearing apart to become a SpecE30 car)
        1995 BMW M3 (Cone eater. Probably going the way of an LS1 swapped XP car)


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          Can't go wrong with the 3 for .79 special.

          It's the sketchy ones that scare me. It's better to get a higher mileaged stock car than to get a low mileaged sketchy car. Then at the very most you'll just need an engine. A sketchy car could have you runnning raggad until you locate all it's problems.

          Not trying to scarre you off the V-hicle, just do your "due dillegence" and get it checked."

          Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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            Not a good idea

            I wouldn't touch that car with a ten foot pole, especially if it can't be driven. I'm sure you're aware of what could go wrong (engine, bodywork, suspension) after you buy it. There are $6-7k M3s from time to time that are worth it, and this is not one of them.

            It seems like you're justifying the purchase to yourself, so keep everything in perspective

            If you're scraping together the dough just to purchase this particular M3, you're not in any position to fix it up even if it was free. Take it from a guy who has stopped counting the debt he's accumulated in the past year of ownership.

            Really, really trying to help. Good Luck



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              i agree this car was on ebay and it made me sick. he's dreaming. also on ebay at the end of feb a M3 went for 8500 in lower Ga.. it was supposed to be in great condition.. let this dreamer sit on the car for 3-4 months then approach him with a $5.5k offer.


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                Stay away from that one! Every sentence alone would raise alarm bells to me. Anyone have an M3 stolen recently? If he doesnt have any idea to what a oil rod is, then how are you to trust his stereo diagnostics and vehicle condition? Blyguy is right, if you cannot get enough $$$ to get a better example then it might be better to wait until you can afford more car. There is a 15k rule you know? It always takes 15k to get a decent M3 on the road. I truely believe in this rule. Somehow it always works out to be around this figure. Be patient, the right car will come along. It just takes time. Check here regulary, there is always a car up for sale within a few weeks. Good luck either way!