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Weight of the s14. pulling it

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  • Weight of the s14. pulling it

    Does any one know the weight of the motor. what is the best way to pull it , with the transmision off or with it still on the motor
    Last edited by Morgan; 03-11-2004, 11:59 AM.

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    I think it's about 114kgs?

    To remove the engine and box together, you'll need an engine hoist that goes high enough, as well as clearnace below to allow the whole assembly to pivot round.

    I've always removed engines and boxes seperately (probably from having no hoist for years - I'm a light weight) I usually end up stripping as much off the engine before removal to make it easier to get out without scraping paint or thumping radiator cores, or nbursting hoses!
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      I never weighed the engine, but I imagine it's in the 200-300 lbs. range.
      I also pulled it out with the tranny removed, mostly to get more clearance.
      It can be done, but it's easier just to take the tranny off first.


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        Unless you have access to a shop with very high ceilings and a hoist with very high lift, definitely take the transmission off separately. It's not a heavy engine, but the average garage and engine hoist won't be able to clear the fenders with the whole assembly unless the car is barely lifted off the ground.


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          I pretty much stripped the engine prior to pulling it. Took off the tranny, bellhousing, cam carrier, head, etc. All I was actually "pulling" at that point was the short block. This made it easier not so much because of lessened weight, as because the short block is pretty small dimensionally.

          I have pulled engines on a few cars and these really are a breeze. Nothing difficult at all about it.


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            Re: Weight of the s14. pulling it

            Originally posted by Morgan
            Does any one know the weight of the motor. what is the best way to pull it , with the transmision off or with it still on the motor
            Done it both ways, many times. Its faster to pull with the tranny attached:
            1- disconnect driveshaft (leave flex disk on driveshaft end)
            2- disconnect shift linkage, reverse light switch wiring (if there), tranny cooler/vent lines (if there)
            3- support rear of tranny with a jack, and remove the 4 nuts that hold the tranny support to the chassis.

            When you are pulling the engine, then angle the back of the tranny down as you pull the engine up and forward.

            Then, you can remove the tranny while the whole assembly is on the hoist.

            This assumes decent-sized ceilings, or a temperate climate where you can do this outside.

            If you're stuck inside in a typical home garage, then remove the tranny first (a simple scissors-style tranny jack will pay for itself on its first use).
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              Does any one know how much are tranny's weigh


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                This may not be an apples-to-apples comparison, but the weight of a 5-speed Getrag 265 from my '89 325i weighs around 70lbs. (guessing here). This past weekend I did a clutch job and I had to pick up that mofo with my hands to get it out of the way.

                In terms of the weight of an S14, you got me. My 2.5L M20 weighs around 275-ish pounds with the manifolds.

                I will own an E30 M3....someday.


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                  Engine = 110 Kg.
                  Tranny = 34 Kg.