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CF Airbox Brake Fluid Reservoir Relocation Bracket

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      strut bar

      Does anyone have a good solution for a strut bar that will fit over a huge carbon fiber airbox,but will still have acess to camber plates?


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        Originally posted by ///Mflossin View Post
        I used rivet nuts as well ....quick and easy access.
        Dude, I discovered rivet nuts a few years ago, and fell in love. Now my car has dozens of them in places where I used to need two wrenches and two hands to remove something. Those little rivet nuts make working on the car so much easier I can't even believe the difference. I have found them to be pretty much foolproof also. As long as I select the correct rivet nut for the panel (thickness) in question, I have never had one fail. Even if you don't have the correct rivet nut, often you can use a washer or whatever to adapt one.

        I guess I am saying, I :heart: rivet nuts!


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          I am right there with you...rivet nuts are incredible. They are nearly impossible to rip out. I had a few test pieces where I tested their strength and resistance to pull out and it was insane. I actually couldn't pull them out altogether. I got most of it out and had to hit the rest with a drill bit. They are extremely robust. I love the fact that they make installation of brackets and other things very clean, serviceable etc...etc....etc.


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            Thanks to the poster(s) showing their brackets!! I got a headache trying to find a decent solution...I've got way too many projects going on right now across two cars...

            One more item to check off.