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is there an aerodynamic advantage to mono wiper?

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  • is there an aerodynamic advantage to mono wiper?

    on my E30 M3 i am trying to decide what to do with the wipers. i have been reading up on the mono wiper conversions and am wondering if anyone knows if there is an aerodynamic advantage of the mono over the dual system that makes changing it over worth the effort

    and if do mono should it be parked straight up or down on one side


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    If you could discern an advantage with the mono wiper, I think you would be racing
    for some high profile team. This is like the aluminum control arms. Most will never
    push their cars to that limit to see the difference. Most people are doing this
    conversion for aesthetics.


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      Most racers remove them. It takes 30 seconds! 13mm socket will do.


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        my blades and arms are off now and the motor and linkage is still there. i think it would be nice to have them in case of a shower comes along during a race.


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          Is there an aerodynamic advantage to a mono wiper?

          The way I heard it, wind acting on the wiper arm and blade, while in the regular park position during high speed driving, back loads the linkage to the point that it is rendered non functional. The wiper then is blown in to a position relatively vertical at the center of the windshield. Therefor, race teams set up the wiper arm to park in the center where the system is under minimal stress. They also seem to prefer one big wiper to two small ones.


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            are you saying that at hi speed the wiper(s) wont work?


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              I'll take a WAG since I've spent time as an aerodynamics engineer in a previous lifetime and claim that the extra wiper causes a 0.27% increase in drag on our boxy cars (j/k)

              Personally, I just like the look and I got one for real cheap. Luckily, the motor was out when I installed it and I don't have a heater core either.



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                doubt it makes any discernible difference.
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                  sounds like all a matter of personal taste then

                  i think ill get a long wiper arm and do a mock up to see how it looks straight up vs the double ones then.


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                    clearly the only reason to do a monowiper is for taste/looks. If you going 300mph maybe it will make some sort of very,very minute difference.


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                      Originally posted by temple View Post
                      Most racers remove them. It takes 30 seconds! 13mm socket will do.
                      I did this, the motor is surprisingly heavy and going to a mono wiper doesn't mean you lose the motor. I don't get why people do it besides for the look. Are you worried about having rain suddenly during a race? I know it wouldn't be that tough to put the system back on if you were expecting rain that day. I wonder how bad it would be with no wipers and treating the windshield with some Rain-X.

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                        Benz had it installed at the factory

                        M3 had it installed for racing

                        Vlad had it installed because...

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                          I would get one because watching my two wipers flutter on the windshield on long straights is no good. I'm much rather have the mono in the vertical position and not flutter.

                          My track car would have "wiper lift" at Road America above 130mph, it was pretty annoying, but easy to live with as I was concentrating on other things at the time


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                            But the Benz has a totally different wiping mechanism, so the wipe area was much
                            bigger then a mono wiper installed on an E30. Like I mentioned before, this is more
                            of personal taste. There is such a miniscule amount of drag by the wiper, there are
                            so many other drag creating items, that unless you are going for the one-hundredth
                            of a second on a championship, aero drag should not be an issue.


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                              Ha! Classic Vlad... The EVO II is sharp next to the M3 too, is that Brazil?