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Looking to buy an S14 motor.. any suggestions

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  • Looking to buy an S14 motor.. any suggestions

    I'm looking to build an M2 (2002 + S14 motor + drivetrain). So I'm now hunting for an S14 motor and drivetrain. Any suggestions with regards to this hunt and what to look for?? I'm thinking I want a blown motor that I can restore top to bottom to some better then stock numbers, and yet street-able. Is this reasonable or is trying to source out a blown motor a risky idea? I'm also in Canada........... any Cannucks here that can lend some advice?

    I've also looked into that company on the net (ARDVARK Racing !??!) that sells a complete manual that shows one how to build an M2 from top to bottom that explains in detail all issues and how to resolve them (=$250 USD for a 47 page manual). But I was thinking that there's enough knowledge on the forums to get through this and enough people that have completed the swap to know the issues. Thoughts.......... good or bad investment!??!

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    Finding a heart without the body is hard. I suggest you contact people like Don Fields in New Jersey, or shops closer to you that work on multiple cars. You'll have an honest chance on finding a useable one.

    As far as books/guides. Everything counts. I would get 1,000 books and still ask questions...

    Good luck

    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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      Where are you located? I might know someone that maybe be selling one in a couple of weeks.


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        Re: Looking to buy an S14 motor.. any suggestions

        Originally posted by tominizer
        Any suggestions with regards to this hunt and what to look for??
        Personally, I'd find a good one and slap her in. A proper rebuild alone can cost you more than what a good running used engine will.

        Jake Larsen


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          check out

          -everything you need to know about the M2 conversion could prolly be found in the search archives and those guys are super helpful. A couple of em have M2's. I'm plannin on it one day :/

          another good site here
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            presicion preformance, pete mchenrys shop would also be a good place to look, there in north carolina

            Shes sold now :(


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              If you're on the west coast, try Chris at CG Motorsports, they have quite a few motors. (604) 275-6638.


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                I bought my S14 from VAC in Philly:



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                  We can't sell you a motor, but as mentioned Precision Performance (us) offers S14/2002 swap kits. The first one we did was my father's, which was an Evo 2 spec motor (pre-Evo3) in a '72 tii with disc brake conversion, 5-lug swap, twin front calipers, 5-speed, etc. That baby was unforgettable! 140 down the back straight at Road Atanta before they filled "the dip" at 10a/10b. The car is still missed.

                  But anyway, enough reminiscing, we've done almost 50 S14/2003 swaps and many M42 swaps as well. We're well versed in the region (hell we used to do 6 cylinder swaps) so give us a call or shoot me an email if we can help or provide anything. Swap kits are available tailored for your year/model and everything, a solid package.

                  [email protected] or call us at the shop, Pete McHenry - (336)-761-0643, M-F 10-4EST.
                  Alex McHenry


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                    Pete, what does your S14/2002 swap process go for these days? I'm thinking about it down the road and was just wondering.
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                    "All praise, honor, and glory to the One who has ransomed us from sin and death, Jesus Christ, our Savior."


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                      I am in the process of doing the swap... I didnt buy the manual from Dave Varco, but bought some other stuff from him for my 73tii..Recaro seats, tii big brake kit, M2 exhaust downpipe, etc.. I will be using the M3's Getrag 265 so on that part I am on my own..nice thing about it is the M3's driveshaft should fit without shorting based on my measurements and some others expierences. The tranny fitment will be the most involved for me since the tunnel will have to be cut out and refabbed around the larger tranny. At this stage I am doing an entire rebuild of the 2.3L..all the new parts are here to do the rebuild.

                      The S14 I got used had 91K miles and carbonized (litefooted previous owner) everything is cleaned, miked out and passed spec, re-ring, all new bearings, new rod bolts, new 2002 oil pump, 2002 oil pan w/Ireland baffle plate, new motorsport springs, new timing chain and all guides, E36 tensioner, aluminum flywheel, new 320i radiator, Setrab oil cooler fan pack, and more. I also have an EVO3 intake cam and an Maxx Alpha-N already on hand thats all going in at the same time. I am not sure if a CF intake will fit in the 02 engine bay..but if I can confirm fitment, then I will purchase and put one of those in too for HP increase and it's awesome sound.

                      As far as how much i've spent so far..I really don't know..somewhere about $6-7K so far....I will do all the labor myself, so that brings down costs somewhat. But I can imagine when completed (by the end of summer crossing my fingers) something like $8-9K is not too far off I suppose.

                      I'm not sure what kind of power I will be putting down..but it will be pretty serious, especially in an lightweight 02. I'm looking for high to mid 13 sec 1/4 mile, but with all that power, a rollbar might be something I have to look at soon! :evil: sorry for the long windedness..


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                        Great information...... thanks. My main concern is buying the right parts to make the setup work properly and most importantly, fit reliably in the car. Sounds like there's a ton of people that have built M2's which is good for me I guess. I'll be in contact with you guys shortly. I've also been talking to a shop up this way called Raven Performance (John). They professionally raced an E30 M3 from what I heard (and saw). I don't have much experience with them and have heard some good things and some other not so good things about Raven. Anyone had any experience there or otherwise. John seems to know his stuff when I talked to him and the shop is packed full of E30's being prep'ed for racing. So looks like the experience is there for sure.

                        As for the tranny tunnel, I overheard someone saying that it may be possible to cut out the tranny tunnel on an E30 and weld it into an '02 so that the E30 M3 tranny fits. Yes, it calls for hacking apart a piece of an '02, which goes against the purist rules but........ Thoughts ?!??!?


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                          I have a Raven DTM exhaust on my M3, and I have talked to those guys on several occasions. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them.....but you may also want to talk to Marcus Glarner...that kid is deep in M territory...with an M1 to solidify his racing needs :surprised



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                            Yeah, I understand Marcus is very very good, but also VERY busy. Mind you, I'm in no rush either as I try to accumulate funding to go beyond what I was thinking budget wise. They say to multiply your original estimate by three. And I'm still working on the original estimate!!! This S14 swap thingy has a lot of holes in it. I'm going to try and get ahold of Marcus too. Didn't know he had an M1 though....... WOW!!