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Brake freeplay adjustment problem

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  • Brake freeplay adjustment problem

    I posted this to the SIG but I realize that not everybody is on the SIG.

    Ok, so I attempt the brake pedal freeplay adjustment as described in the archives. I get the main locking nut free and have at it. I get it to the point where I am going to try it for a few days...BUT...I can't get the locking nut to tighten back down. I figure I am ok for a short period of time (thinking maybe even longer than a short period of time). I drive the car today and come home to adjust it. I head out to the local CCA meeting
    and am not happy with the travel. It seems that I went the wrong way. DOH. So I try to adjust it a bit in the parking lot. Drive home and it is worse. Get in the garage and get down there and take a look at it. It is cockeyed at bit. Fiddle with it and the connecting bolt comes out of the U shaped thingy mabobber (very scientific huh?) on the brake pedal. I came very close to having NO brakes on the way home. *whew*

    So...I messed with the locking nut and it seems to be f'ed up. I spins but it doesn't go in or out. So it looks like this one won't work.

    1. Can I get another connecting bolt thing? If so, how do you go about getting the old one out and the new one in? I am guessing if you can get the part t will be special order. I can't find the part on the ETK.
    2. Does the adjustment really move in the same direction as the locking bolt? I got it back together and tired to adjust it and I had it come apart again. The locking nut moves CCW to tighten and CW to loosen as you are looking from the wrong side on the nut- right?
    3. What way does the adjustment part move to lenthen? It is my understanding that it moves the same way as loosening the locking nut (CW). Is that right?
    4. Any other suggestions on how to lock it back down if replacing that rod isn't doable?

    89 M3 2.5....broke....DE in 10 days.