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  • Accusump or Big Pan

    I'm finishing the rebuild of my motor in my track car using a stock pan for now, but I want more oil protection soon.
    I am torn between an accusump or a big Moroso pan. I like the accusump idea because it is half the price, and if I go off and put a hole in the oil pan (seen it happen), I can replace it for <$100 instead of $800.
    I have heard stories of Stack dashes, etc. showing small oil pressure flickers with an accusump and not with the big pan, but I thought I'd get everybody's input.
    What do you guys think?


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    Have you checked out SBIs oil pan? Its more expensive than an Accusump but definitely not as much as a VAC pan. I plan on getting one in the next few months.


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      Don't forget the added benefit of pre-oiling with the accusump.

      This is my somewhat uninformed opinion, but I figured I'd throw it out there...
      If you want maximum on track protection and you can remove your AC pump go with the big oil pan.
      If you can't (or don't want to) remove your AC compressor go with the Accusump.
      If you're hardcore do both.

      I have nither but plan on doing an Accusump very soon.


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        what mick said. remeber pre oil. but you dont always need pre oil.
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          After starving my engine for oil (with the baffle and a full pan of oil) I installed an accusump on the new engine.

          I like the accusump for several reasons. First, it preoils the engine. This just makes good sense. Second, it protects the engine when it needs it most in the turns. Third, even if I run a little low on oil I still have a two quart reserve there to cover my mistakes. Fourth, I put my accusump in the passenger foot well and I can hear it when it 'squirts'. This is cool to know when I'm in a hard turn, and if I hear it when I'm not on a straight line I know there's a problem. This happened to me once when I lost a line. The accusump let me know long before oil temp or something else indicated I had a problem (when it could have been to late). Fifth, this is personal, but it looks so fricken cool. The stainless lines, the cool fittings, the blue sump with gage, and for a little added bling bling a red fighter jet syle activation switch right there on the center console.

          The pan will eleviate the problem of the pump not having oil in the turns too. The draw back is it has none of the other advantages of the accusump. Plus, the bigger pan increases the chance for a cracked pan due to larger size.

          As you can tell I am a big fan of the system. I had Jefrem at iigomotiv help me with parts and installation. He did a great job and I am very happy with the install. For added protection I also used his remote oil filter. It is WAY easier to replace than the factory one and filters the oil much better than the stock filter. I think it's something like 100% filtration.

          Don't forget when you go down the accusump and/or remote oil filter route you will have a large investment in hose and fittings too. I would recommend spending the money on the best fittings you can afford here. I made the mistake of installing one cheap fitting and of course that is the only one that has failed on me.

          Robert M


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            That's a great review Robert. I'd like to see pics of how it's installed, do you have any of where it's mounted?

            I always wondered if I could get one with a manual valve and mount it in the cockpit for ease of operation. I'd never thought of the fact that I would be able to hear it working. Cool!


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              I know this isn't mounted inside the car, but here is a 2qt Accusump mounted in the engine bay:


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                Does anyone sell a complete accusump kit with all the required fittings and lines you need? (or anyone have a list of what is needed) All the "kits" i've seen leave most of the parts out.
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                  i think jefrem sells a full kit.
                  "Just road, seat, ASS; THE END!" - Jeremy Clarkson
                  "If you had a choice between a million dollars and world peace, what would you get for your E30 M3?" - ItsNotTheNissan


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                    It's hard to sell a kit, due to placement of it and how you run it.

                    I keep saying I'm going to get a 3qt, put it in the trunk and put a NOS sticker on it.

                    IMHO, the best option is to go to a dry sump, but it's expensive and not all that practical for a street car.

                    I have the Kulp Motorsports pan, and it will take a LOT more abuse then the cast stock pan, it's also swept on the front so there is no 90deg edge up front. It's also swept up on the ends to keep the oil in the center with some MASSIVE baffles, I had to carefully fit it around the pick up.

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                      Here's what Ray Korman had to say about the subject:

                      Accusump System
                      Good back-up. Short surges and transient oil pressure drops are exactly what this system is designed to handle. If oil pressure drops, the Accusump immediately dumps two or three quarts of oil under pressure into the oil galley.

                      Competition Oil Pan
                      Provides increased oil capacity and designed to control oil surging. Not inexpensive but costs much less than a blown engine. A really good oil pan design may be better than an Accusump. It seems better to prevent a surge and drop in oil pressure than to fit a device that restores pressure when a loss is experienced

                      He does not mention pre-oiling though. BTW, here's a good write up on installing an accusump on an M3.

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                        Hey man,

                        I don't have any picts available. I can probably take some one Monday though. It looks pretty cool in the passenger footwell.

                        I beleive Jefrem can build a kit for you if you tell him where you want to install.

                        Robert M