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  • suspension $3-5k

    You know what my question is. Spent on a complete suspension for an M3 with completely stock setup. Show me something more cost effective than turners setup using h&r coilovers.

    attractive components
    -firmer bushings
    -solid shock mounts
    -alignment adjustment
    -j-prepared legal, only adjustable spring perch in rear
    -other than that barely streetable by a nut, most adjustability for tweaking, most capable track system

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    i have h&r's from turner on my e30 s50, while they are great they coupd be better, shock valving is a little soft but you can up the springs a good amount supposedly, gustave has an awsome write up on them. If i had to do it again id go ground control, i had the drive side strut crack on the H&R's the bottom where the shock bolts in is actualy welded on and the weld failed. lets just say i had to spend 700 bucks to get a new set up for that side not a fun experence, the gc set up at least uses oem strut tubes. I'd also look into leda coil overs

    Shes sold now :(