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Anyone want to loan me $6,500 ?

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  • Anyone want to loan me $6,500 ?

    It's for a good cause, trust me

    I need to get a job.
    Or rather, one that I actually spend time working at.

    I was in the process of getting my current car ready for sale, so I could get
    a few bux towards getting a long awaited m3.
    Then my mom's klutz boyfriend backed into my car while driving my mom's car.
    WAY TO GO, GUY!!!

    Now the damage to my door and quarter panel have significantly reduced its resale value...

    I think at this point, my only hope is to win the lottery. Sigh...
    Where'd you get the coconuts?

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    You could always mine some gold from his dental work after smack dude up!


    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :