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rear shock mount adjusters? WTF????

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  • rear shock mount adjusters? WTF????

    found this on this guy usually sells linder parts.

    they look like RSM for rear coilovers correct? how do they work?

    here is the add

    he also has a cool solid stearing coupling like discussed before on gustaves site!

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    You sure they're not harmonizing forks? Me-Me-Me! Ahem.. Do-ra-fa-me-so-la-ti-DO

    They are interesting looking....

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      it is an adapter kit to convert the regular bayonet type damper top attachment to spherical ball, with the bonus of an all aluminum bushing. John presented this type of coil over kit a while back.
      It is nice but the body needs to be reinforced around the rear damper mounting apertures.
      Yesterday i aided a friend in the removal of the rear suspension in order to replace all the bushings plus diff mount and it looks awfully fragile.
      This was a good opportunity for a writeup/pictorial but I had no camera handy. my appologies.