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  • M3 Undertray

    I need the BMW part number for the
    undertray on my 88 M3.
    The ETK and my dealer are not clear
    and there are several versions.
    The part on my car has not numbers molded into it.
    Does the EVO 3 version fit a non Evo

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    51 71 1 923 771 stock
    51 71 2 233 043 for the EVO III

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      Similar question...will the evo3 undertray work with the evo2 lip?
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        The Evo2= 713, Evo3= 043, Stock= 771 (last 3 digit p/#'s)

        The Evo3 will work with the Evo2 front lip. The Evo3 has the brake duct cut-outs, a larger angled undertray cut-out (for the Motorsport oil pan) & also the holes in it to accpet the Evo3 front splitter system. The Evo3 underytray will fit a stock M3- The undertray tucks in behind your bumper cover & mounts up onto the bottom side of the frame rails (a couple # 10mm's) & also onto the splash shields-

        Evo3 list price is $175
        Stock list price is $148

        Here is a picture of the Evo3-

        Hope This Helps~
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          get the evo3 stuff.

          there is also a undertray/venturi thing that
          fits under the evo3 bumper cover. it is shit.
          Im tired of breaking these. they cost about
          $250. I think we need to make one out of
          something that wont break so easy.

          I just ran over a rather larg rock today while
          we were playing hill climb, and I decided to
          straddle the rock, but dumbass that I am forgot
          how low my front end is. It made quite a huge
          noise to say the least. I should have gone around
          the rock, but what did I do? I looked at the rock
          and therefore I hit it. moral of story: never
          look at something you want to avoid. oh well, new



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            call maxamillians, they have it for like 125. atleast that is what i think i paid.

            Originally posted by John
            get moral of story: never
            look at something you want to avoid. oh well, new

            its true. my dad tought me this back in the day when he was teaching me how to drive.
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              I spoke to the guy who makes the aluminium one for the E36 and he is working on an E30 Tray. He said maybe this year.

              Their ad is in Roundel.