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Mysterious noise from the rear

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  • Mysterious noise from the rear

    I have always had a loud noise coming from the rear end of my car and have never been able to isolate it. It sound exactly like a brake pad dragging when you spin the rotor but that is not it because I replaced all of the rear brakes and adjusted the parking brake. I had a rear wheel bearing go out on the left side and it didn't sound the same as this noise. I have had a few people that do rear end's tell me that they did not think it was the rear end because when you let off the throttle it does not change the sound, either does swerving or driving in a circle. It sounds more like a dragging sound because it increases with speed but nothing appears to be dragging or rubbing. I think it is coming from the input bearing on the front of the diff or the bearing in between the drive shaft's. What I want to do is disconnect the half shaft's from the diff and rev the car a little so I can totaly isolate the axle's and wheel's. Is this going to damage anything if I do this. If I can still hear the noise then I would be able to eliminate these from the equation. If any one has any suggestion's I would appreciate it.

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    is it your exhaust, that exits out the rear. :idea:

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      I dont see why you cant unhook the halfshafts at the diff and rev it up a little in gear. That would help isolate things a bit. When you jack up the car all around, try putting the car in gear and listening for the noise before you unhook anything. You may find it that way too.


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        It is not the exhuast, and I have tried jacking it up and listening and I just can't pinpoint it for some reason. I am pretty sure that it is not coming from either of the wheel's but I just want to make sure. Also the noise seems to be coming from to far back to be the center bearing on the drive shaft. I have listened to the diff with it in gear with a stethescope and it doesn't really sound like it is coming from there either. I checked the back heat shield on the exhaust also and it did not appear to be rubbing on the drive shaft either. Once I can eliminate the axle's, bearing's and brakes I will be able to study the diff more closely and see if it is somewhere in there.