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Crank pulley painting

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  • Crank pulley painting

    This may be a dumb question but, can a crank pulley be powder coated (concerned about heat)?

    I don't know if this is all metal or if there is some rubber coupling inside to aid in vibration damping?

    Bill ///M

    Keeper of the Car

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    There is indeed a rubber insulator band between the inner and out halves of the balancer. This is to absorb torsional vibrations in the rotating assembly.

    I recommend that you speak to the powder coating shop what their experience is with this, as I am sure this is not the first time someone has wanted to do this. Another thing to consider is will the belts slip on the powder coated surfaces in the belt grooves?

    Alternatively you could have the pulley bead blasted and primer and paint it with hi-temp paint. Although the pulley does not experience any kind of extreme heat.

    Here is a picture of one I recently did. I used Hi-Temp Primer and then Cast Iron paint color, both of the Dupli-Color Brand.

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      Just as I suspected. Very well, high-temp paint it is.

      I was thinking of doing the "while you're in there" and take care of the timing case cover (remove and reseal), but I seems to be a little more involved than I want to get into right now. I've had the car on dollies for 10 months and I need to get it on the road for the 25th anniversary event at Pocono in a couple of weeks.

      I'll tackle the front end of the engine this Fall.


      Keeper of the Car


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        I do powder coating and wouldn't do the pulley for that reason. Anything that has any plastic or seal or any rubber that can't be removed I do not powder coat.