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Electrical Diagrams - Door Lock Heater ?

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  • Electrical Diagrams - Door Lock Heater ?

    Does anyone have or know where to get some electrical / wiring diagrams for our cars?

    I had a flat battery which I tied down to a permanently on door lock heater, I've disconnected it for the time being but I'd like to try and fix it if I can.

    I have the factory manual on CD but the electrical section seems to be just how to remove all the different electrical sensors rather than any wiring.

    So far I found the switch on the door handle, which looks sealed. The heater still works but is disconnected and the loom it plugs into gives 12V at the moment, is this switched by a relay? does anyone know which one? I found something on the web which suggested the door handle switched an earth to somewhere but that's as much info as I have.

    Cheers Guys

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    I guess not then?


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      I had the same problem, I just disconnected it and left the wire in the door. Do you plan on driving the car when there is so much ice on everything that the door locks are frozen?

      If you must fix it I will look for a schematic tonight.


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        Thanks alot, that would be great!

        I'm in the UK and the car is a daily driver which is left outside so it is feasable that I might one day need it, it's more that everything else works okay and if it's fitted I may as well have a go at sorting it out.

        If I can find the diagrams that is!
        Many Thanks