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Body panel prices...

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  • Body panel prices...

    On april 1st I was fortunate enough to get hit going through a light by someone turning left... :sosad:
    I went up and over a sidewalk with the backside of the car, which accounts for the damage on the passanger side...anyway, I'm trying to figure out how much the driver side rear quarter panel is going to cost. I've found a couple prices for used doors but if someone could give me a number for a new one that would be great.
    Of course this happens 8 days before the car was going off the road to have work done to it :rolleyes:

    Pictures here:

    Trystan W.

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    What does the under carriage look like? Front control arms are probably tweaked from the impact along w/ the rear arms as well-

    I hate giving estimates through pictues- Remember, parts for the E30 M3 are not cheap! This is why a lot of them get are totalled w/ minor damage. There are very few used parts out there for Ins. Co's to locate for repair = only other alternative is OEM new (unless you want fiberglass/ carbon fiber aftermarket)

    Does your Ins. Co. know about the accident? This one is not gonna be cheap.......

    OEM dealer list=
    Door Shell- $496
    Quater Panel- $857.50

    This does not include labor rates to remove/ install/ paint. You will need a bit of pull time on the drivers side "b" pillar. Also, the car needs to have the under carriage checked out-

    Good luck & let us know what happens-
    Don McAdams
    1988 E30 M3
    "E30 M3 Owner & Enthusiast"


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      Bummer! sorry to see that. I have a rolling chassis with suspension and doors if you need. I also know a company that has fiberglass overlays. Let me know and good luck


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        At this point it seems like my insurance company is going to try and screw me completely so I may have to take the full bill myself... :sosad:
        As long as there's no frame damage the car WILL be fixed though (who knows how long it may take though :sosad, coilovers are already on the way as well as a stainless steel exhaust.
        From what I could see the undercarriage doesnt seem too bad, although I have no idea what to be specifically looking looks like the lip of the wheel took the impact then the gas tank hit and the car kind of skipped along and took out the other rear wheel. Right now I'm waiting for the insurance company to make a decision and if it's not to my liking I will be appealing so right now it doesnt look like this is going to be resolved soon. :sosad:

        Thanks for the prices so far
        Trystan W.