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Odd vacum noise

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  • Odd vacum noise

    For year's I have noticed a sort of vacum noise while turning the car over and now it appear's to have gotten worse. It didn't do it all of the time but everyonce in a while I would hear a sort of vacum noise coming from what I think is the passenger side front of the motor. For a while I thought maybe the starting was staying ingauged but it really sound's like it is coming from somewhere else but it only does it on start up. Now I tihkn I can hear it doing it every once in a while at low idle also but I am not sure. Also my car is idiling a little high but I think that is because the thermostat is stuck open and it is running a litle cooler. I have checked for vacum leaks all over the manifold and the air box and can't find any so I realy don't know wher to check next. Any help will be appreciated.