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  • Sheared Rotor mounting screw...

    How bad is it? You know the 6th hole in the rotor, where a hex screw mounts it to the hub- If the screw has been sheared off, and the nub is left in the hole of the rotor. So basically the rotor is only held to the hub via the wheel bolts... is that seriously dangerous?

    ...don't ask me how it happened. I just noticed it while trying to track down a weird sound involving the heat shield.

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    Not dangerous. The hex screw there is for your convience. It holds it in place so it's easy to get your wheels on. The rotor is really held on by your lug bolts/wheel.
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      both of mine are sheared off. never been an issue.


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        Go to Sears and buy a stud or stripped screw/bolt removal kit, it's about 30 bucks, I bought it and had to remove all 4 hex bolts cause they where rusted solid in there and stripped so easy. replacement hex bolts are like 2 bucks at the dealer.

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          thank you much guys. I'm trying to get everything sorted piece by piece... I figured it wasn't a big deal, but I don't trust my own opinion.


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            My car had the same problem with the disc retaining bolt sheared off. I ignored it but then discovered after i switched to Hawk front pads, the combination of pulsing ABS and the high grip of the pads during track activity was causing the holes for the wheel bolts on the rotor were egging out and started to experience heavy vibration.
            I filed the nub so the sheared end was flat, centerpunched it in the center and drilled it out with consequtively larger brand new bits without hitting the threads. then used an 8mmx1.25 thread pitch tap to clean out and restore the threads, then inserted a new factory retainer. be patient and keep the drill centered and perpendicular to the plane of the disc. use a lubricant while drilling (not beer for you but for the bit)