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Stock vs Evo vs DTM Oil Pumps

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    Great Job I ever was interested in these.
    Thankyou very much.
    My first car (sold):taz:
    My actual car


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      [QUOTE=autox320;n767978] Yeah I thought we all posted about this as well that all new stock pumps are similar to the M10s (well except the gear widths washer install spacer) no relief side springs. My last M10 pump was without the side spring and has much better pressure at all rpm's than the previous model.[QUOTE] Given that the DTM pumps have the horizontal relief valve blocked off, they effectively become the same as the M10 pump. For this reason I have been using the M10 pump housing in my engines, with the following modifications, to make them as similar to DTM spec as possible: - VAC oil pump upgrade kit, with replacement shaft, sprocket, and LH threaded retaining bolt. Press on your existing rotor. - Make sure side clearance on the rotor is minimal. Some of the stock castings are deeper than others (production tolerances) so the housings need to be individually linished. This has the biggest effect on oil pressure, more than any other modification. - De-burr all the oil passages. - Stretch the long spring to 70mm. In a new engine with correct clearances and 10W40 oil this will give 6 bar pressure hot. - Put a slight chamfer on the back of the relief valve piston so it cannot jam in the bore With these mods I have never had a problem with pumps or pressure. Lastly a comment on the mesh in the pump pickup, it is there as a filter, it has no negative effect on flow. Cheers Bill


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        hi Guys
        someone has the pictures of this thread please?