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  • car temperature

    When I'm standing still with the engine running (ex. at traffic lights), the temperature of the car rises pretty quick. When I riding again the temperature drops way back.
    What could this be? A malfunction of the thermostat?

    Please help!!

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    Fan may not be working.
    Radiator passages are clogged, maybe.
    Thermostat not opening fully, maybe.
    Pinched hose, maybe.
    Clogged condenser and or radiator matrix, maybe.


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      How high does it get?

      Does your electric fan turn on?

      If it stays around the middle or goes a little over it's fine, mine moves around all the time in traffic.

      If it really bothers you, I guess you can get the US engine driven fan and not worry about it.

      Do not click
      At least it's German


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        the fan turns on a bit over middle. I think it's working properly.
        I heared of some people that drive around m3's that the temperature should be stable when driving in traffic.
        I think I'm gonna change the thermostat.

        If any other thoughts ... feel free to tell them


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          Flush the cooling system. Make sure there's no junk in the fins if the condenser and radiator that is blocking airflow and insulating them.


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            my cars temp never budges from between 1/4 and 1/2 since i had the head off. But i havent seen summer temps yet, though i have seen A LOT of traffic. Id bet in the summer itll be on the 1/2 mark full time....

            And i dont even think my electric fan is working :(