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Help with CT sensor replacement

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  • Help with CT sensor replacement

    Hello I just purchase my very first vintage car: a 1974 BMW 2002 with the s14 engine. I'm a total newbie with limited experience workinIg on motorcycles. My issue is that and was that the BLUE CT sensor would need to be replaced as it caused the engine to flood; the spark plugs had to be removed and cleaned/dried and car fired right up. Anyone know the part number and how I go about changing it out. Thanks for your help.

    Here is a post I found for clarification:

    The CT*Sensor* is an NTC two terminal sensor.
    It is the blue plug/receptacle on the aluminum water rail on the exhaust side of the engine.
    The CT *sender* is the brown plug/receptacle beside the only runs the Gauge.

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    Its more commonly referred to as the coolant temp sensor. Part# is:13 62 1 709 966

    As far as replacing it...just unplug the terminal, unscrew the sensor and repolace with the new sensor and new washer. Plug in the terminal and you are set.

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      Search is your friend.
      This is an elementary procedure.
      13621709966 sensor.
      07119963130 Crush sealing washer.
      No nonsense version:
      Raise the Right side of the car.(coolant moves lower)
      Disconnect sensor plug.
      use box end wrench to loosen sensor.
      Unscrew sensor, keeping down pressure on it till it is removable. (minimizes leakage)
      With the new sensor ready, pull the old and thread the new in.
      If you do it right you'll lose very little coolant.



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        Thank you gentlemen.