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Stainless Steel Brake Line Catcing on Bottom of Sway Bar End-link -- Suggested Fixes?

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  • Stainless Steel Brake Line Catcing on Bottom of Sway Bar End-link -- Suggested Fixes?

    I was poking around under the front of my autocross car, and noticed that the right front brake line had managed to trap itself under the end-link for the sway bar. That was fairly scary because the line (which is stainless steel) was stretched taut by the pressure of the end-link. Damn, said I, compressed the suspension, and freed the line. The line fittings did not appear to be strained, and the line seemed to go back its usual shape. The right left brake line was fine. I drove the car for about 50 miles and then rechecked. Damn again, I said, because the right front line had once again trapped itself under the end-link. As an expedient, I got some heavy-duty zip ties to tie the line to the end-link rod. I have to think that the line is finding its way under the end link when the end of the bar is raised by inputting steering angle. With the ties, the line can still flex as the wheel swivels, but it would be harder for the line to drop under the link.

    So my questions are:

    (1) Has this happened to anyone else? I did a search that uncovered some installation questions about stainless steel brake lines, but nothing like this.

    (2) What did you (or would you) do about it? I'm paranoid that the line will tuck itself under the end-link when I crank the steering wheel, then tear loose when I center the steering wheel and the sway bar end descends. I'm not too happy about the zip tie expedient. I'm thinking that the line has been shaped to the point that it will continue to drop under the end-link. I can get a new line, but I'm still concerned about a recurrence. Has anyone come up with a way to secure the brake like so that it can't drop below the link?

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    The line may be twisted from a brake job, see if there is too much or too little twist in the line, it can route the line in a different direction since it's is pretty stiff.


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      Thanks, that's a good point. I'll see if I can loosen the brake line fittings and rotate the line.