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  • tensioner q's

    i know, i know, its been covered a million times before this, but the search option didn't yield much help on the install. the one on helps, but is still kinda vague. i remember seeing a pretty comprehensive one on a thread not that long ago, but cannot find it. any help?

    i didnt order the metal seal ring with my tensioner.. is it neccessary? or can i temporarily use the one from my existing tensioner? maybe im just too anxious, but i am so tired of the noise under my hood i want to put it in immediately!

    im on a library computer, because mine took a dive.. so ill check back later, thanks guys.
    1990 M3/1998 M3 Sedan

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    The ring should have come with it. Anyway, it's very simple. There's no trick to it. I happen to have removed my AC, so it was easy to come up from the bottom and undo the old one. With AC in, I'm not sure how easy the access is, but regardless... it's just take the old out, put the new in.


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      I found that with my AC in the car I had to loosen it and slide it in the brackes to allow room to fit the socket on the tensioner.
      You definetly want to replace the seal ring, I know it's a drag, but this is a common spot for oil leaks. Your dealership will likely have one in stock as this part is used on other motors as well.


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        YOU NEED THE SEAL RING....otherwise you will have a leak...ask me how i wait dont ask me


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          Here's maybe this can help you...