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rear spring test results

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  • rear spring test results

    this is the test diagramm of the rear spring I want tu use.
    Can anyone please explain this diagram to me???? What poundage does this spring have? What spring rate would the front need to have to match? Spring is no coil over.
    many thanks

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    Around 280 lb. (usually quoted figure is force to compress 1 inch). They ae progressive as well I think.
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      From the chart I would certainly think they are progressive. At 2" you are looking at ~740 lbs (or ~370 lb/in) and at 3 inches, the load is ~1300 lbs (or 433 #/in). Chances are great that you are going to want to match it with a progressive front spring, at a similar rate. Someone with more experience will have to chime in with what kinds of #/in you would want.

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        yeah, it looks like the spring rate goes from about 260 lbs/in to 420 lbs/in.
        what kind of spring is it? H&R race?

        the rate for the front spring is up to you, depending on how you want the car to handle.
        I have linear springs 400 lbs/in front, 600 lbs/in rear, which is pretty neutral.


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          FWIW, my front springs work out to 970 lbs/in.



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            I have a 400lb spring which I wanted to start with and see how ist suit's my driving style. I am keen to get rid of the understeer.

            Goodbye M3, you served me well.