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EVO flywheel question

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  • EVO flywheel question

    I installed a new Sachs clutch and EVO lightened flywheel a while back and every once in a while, when I go to start the car, it would sound and feel like the starter was "binding" up. The starter finally went bad this week and I had it looked at. They said one of the gears was messed up like I had tried to start it while it was running. That isn't the case of course. Has anyone run into a problem when using the EVO flywheel? I don't see how that could be a problem, but thought I would check. Thanks.
    Ryan M
    88 E30 M3 Alpineweiss
    07 F350 Diesel Crew Cab
    05 Outback XT

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    It shouldn't affect starter operation at all. Completely interchangable. Probably just a case of a starter gone bad.

    Jake Larsen


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      Your starter pinion could have been worn out badly already. Its not a good practice to pair an old pinion to a new gear because of difference in circular thickness (the thickness of a gear tooth measured at the Pitch circle).